Creating EFT Scripts, Learn How to Create EFT Scripts in MinutesCreating EFT Scripts – How to Create Personal EFT Scripts

Product Name: Creating EFT Scripts, Learn How to Create EFT Scripts in MinutesCreating EFT Scripts – How to Create Personal EFT Scripts


I Don’t Know What To Say…

This is the biggest response I hear most individuals say; “I don’t know what to say”. They want to create EFT Scripts, they want to release negative emotions, but in the end it seems so difficult they simply remain stuck trying to come up with Scripts.

I agree that for the most part scripting can seem very intimidating.. So when you couple that with your own expectations, whilst feeling all these negative emotions, it’s no wonder many individuals find themselves stuck long before they even begin.

What If I Say The Wrong Things ?

This is one of the second biggest reason many individuals remain frozen when it comes to creating EFT Scripts. They fear that if they end up saying the wrong things they will end up doing more harm then good.

They fear that because they have not received any training in EFT that they would end up in a worse situation then before they began. This most definitely stops many individuals releasing out of pure fear of the unknown.

The problem is that humans are always trying to over-complicate everything. However many times the answer to a problem lay in a simple solution or idea.

Lets take the humble shopping trolley, it came about because a store owner whilst watching his clients select products from his shelves wondered how he could make them purchase more. He solved this by putting some wheels on a basket…  

Beer held the answer to modern vaccines, this beverage that has been around for thousands of years can be accredited as being the catalyst to modern vaccines. A chemist who whilst trying to solve why beer sometimes went bad discovered that small microscopic creatures were the cause, and after some additional probing he discovered similar creatures also effected us and this whole new science opened the doors to vaccines and modern medical science.

EFT has been shrouded in an air of complexity sense it was first discovered and used over 30 years ago. From then to now it has certainly evolved into one of the world’s leading solutions for the releasing of negative emotions. In fact EFT is so successful that it is making headway where psychology has only dreamed of going, enabling many hundreds of individuals the opportunity to release emotional trauma where 20 or 30 years of psychology had failed them. However the one area which has been overlooked is the construction of the EFT Script itself.

Fast forward to present day I discovered that the same issues that plagued the past 30 years still exist today. As I set about helping many hundreds of individuals overcome mountains of negative emotions I found that the same set of problems were being experienced by almost everyone I came in contact with.  Over this time I constantly heard the same comments over and over from client after client who expressed how difficult they found EFT to do by themselves. This prompted me to look for a way to overcome the issue without messing around with the EFT process. My idea was that I had to come up with a way to enable anyone from any walk of life the ability to create personal scripts, and to be able to do this without any help.

I had a head start on this as I had to overcome some of these same problems many years previous when I first started on my own journey, long before I became an EFT Practitioner. In fact in my early days I came up with a method of scripting that could not be considered real EFT Scripting, as this simple process has nothing to do with EFT at all. I knew that this method had worked for me time and time again and all I had to do was to figure out how to teach this to others..

So I revisited this process refining it further, and what I soon discovered was that anyone with a pen and paper could be taught to script with this method. Even if an individual knew nothing about EFT, he or she could be creating scripts and releasing in minutes. Conventional Scripting in the common format becomes a by product of the process and not the main feature. In fact scripting has very little to do with this method until you begin to tap.

I discovered after sharing this process with clients that all their anxiety about scripting seemed to instantly fade away, and the end result was that those who previously said they could not script were now scripting and releasing on their own. Thus the Pen and Paper Method™ of Scripting was born.

The Complete Program To Creating EFT Scripts

The “Pen and Paper Method” of Scripting forms the core element of this program and just that guide alone will have you scripting in minutes. In fact you do not need any of the other parts of this Scripting Program to have success with personal scripting and releasing. This guide is so good just on its own that you don’t require anything else and if you want you could pick it up by going to

However over the time I have been a practicing practitioner I have learned many tricks that can assist anyone with releasing of stuck and limiting emotions. I felt encouraged to provide an extension program that comes packed full of tips and tricks that will have you releasing on a far deeper level. The information in this program will have you releasing on topics which seem to be sticking like super glue. You wont only be able to release your own negative emotions but by the end of the program you will have so many different ways to attack stuck or limiting emotions that you will be as good as, and in some cases better then the average EFT Practitioner.

The information in this program is not just a random selection of text put together to fill pages, you are going to be receiving ALL of my knowledge of tips that I use every day when helping my personal clients. You can use the pen and paper method of scripting and simply add these additional tips as you need them.

The feedback about this program has been awesome:

I am thoroughly impressed with your method of scripting. I think it is easy to read and follow.

It flows very easily all of the way through. I didn’t have to re-read any part because of your seamless way of explaining the process. I really enjoyed the last page because it is a quick reference to return to and review the steps when I am ready to create my next script. The examples you gave were a very important part of the guide.

I’ll admit that I was a little nervous about learning to script (maybe I should tap on that!!). I thought that it was going to be difficult. The scripts that you create on your site are so wonderful. I really never thought that I could create any scripts just for me. Reading your guide was like having you right there beside me. I was unprepared for the issues that came up while writing out my questions and going in depth about my chosen topic. Just writing it all out without judgment liberated me to uncover hidden thoughts and feelings. I liked your idea of doing this exercise without even thinking or worrying about turning it into an EFT script. I was just free to let my pen express what I was feeling. The steps following this exercise effortlessly led me right into creating my setup phrases and tapping point phrases.

Wow! It was so easy and effective. Since it was my own words, the EFT seemed to be more helpful and successful than following someone else’s scripts. There was so much emotion put into my free writing that the scripts I created made a big impact. I really released a lot of negative emotions and beliefs. It was one of the most productive tapping sessions I’ve ever done!

Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to put together such an astonishing scripting guide. I can’t see anyone, whether they are experienced with EFT or not, having any problems following along with your instructions and having outstanding results. I will definitely be using your method over and over again.

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Pen and Paper Method of Scripting

This guide will show you how you can develop and create personal scripts within minutes, with very little or no experience.

This unique method of scripting isn’t really a scripting method at all, but a way to script without actually scripting.

Using this method I will show you how EFT becomes a by product of the process, tapping and using EFT is something that is done at the end and only taken into consideration at the very last step..

“Connecting All The Tiny Pieces”

This guide is a complete program dedicated entirely to the whole scripting. process.

The guide covers what I call the 14 Key Elements to releasing and scripting. I take you on a journey of emotional release and script development.

Plus in addition to this guide I have included additional information in the form of MP3 Audio’s which you will listen to at specific intervals as you consume this guide to creating eft scripts.

This is a small guide which provides you with additional personal tips which I use for releasing and scripting.

This guide also elaborates a bit further and talks about vibrations, energy, and the role negative influences play in attracting a happy, loving and fulfilling life.

I also provide you with personal lists and tools which I use when helping others release blocked energy

I have also included an ebook containing 11 Bonus Scripts aimed at Success and Wealth Creation.

This ebook contains Full Length Professional Scripts which consist of over 60 minutes of tapping covering these topics:

Fear of Greatness,  Fear of Not Being Good Enough, Fear of Rejection, Fear of Failure, Fear of Success, Money Doesn’t Like Me, Letting Go of Debt, Money Is Hard To Come By, Money Doesn’t Grow On Trees, I will never have enough money, There is never enough money

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EFT Creating Scripts Creating Personal EFT Scripts


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