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David is an entrepreneur, best-selling meditation artist, and creator of Neuro-Editing Technology™. He lives with his family outside of Toronto, Canada. In 2014, David released a Neuro-Editing recording online that has been streamed an astounding 165,362,417 minutes – that’s the equivalent of 308 years of continuous streaming! Making him one of the most listened to success coaches of all time.

David continues to inspire and lead others towards ultimate success within his VIP Membership website. Where thousands of Members have used his Neuro-Editing Technology™ to breakthrough past limitations and unleash within them the courage and core-belief needed to achieve their goals in business and in life.

How Neuro-Editing Technology™ Can Transform Your Reality…

Failure is one of the most demoralizing experiences you can face. It’s enough to make you run, hide, and never put yourself out there again. In fact, you’re biologically wired to do exactly that. Here’s how it works…

When you succeed at something, you get a hit of dopamine that makes you feel incredible. Your brain associates whatever you did with the rush of dopamine and a powerful neurological connection is formed. You’re motivated to repeat that behavior, creating a cycle of confidence and success, confidence and success.

And then suddenly you fail. The cycle is broken and your dopamine flow is cut off. Your brain connects the loss of dopamine with whatever you did and new neurological connection is formed. When you try to do it again, alarm bells ring. Remember what happened last time?! You’ll get hurt/rejected/humiliated again!

This biological reaction keeps so many people stuck in their comfort zone — safe, sure, but also unfulfilled and resentful. If that’s you, watching everybody else live the dream and wishing you could too, then I’ve got good news for you…

What most people don’t realize is that they can take control of their mind and bend these neurological processes to their will. How?

Enter Neuro-Editing Technology™

Your brain doesn’t distinguish between real and imagined scenarios. So if you’re scared of failing with a business venture, for example, and you imagine the worst, those fear connections will get stronger and stronger, regardless of the fact that the worst hasn’t actually happened.

On the other hand, if you visualize yourself closing sales, wowing investors, or whatever it is you’re hoping to achieve, then your brain reacts as if it really has happened. You create a real connection between your imagined behavior and the release of dopamine, which makes you more motivated and confident in a real-life scenario. You’re more likely to succeed because of this, which reinforces the connection and creates a positive cycle of confidence and success.

My new 30-Day Success Challenge uses Neuro-Editing Technology™ a potent combination of Meditation, Visualization, and NLP to help you break those fear connections, quite literally re-wiring your mind for confidence, motivation, and success.

It seems too easy, right? It’s hard to grasp that you really do have THIS much power over your mind and your future, especially when the stakes are high. But I promise that with the right tools, like the ones you’ll find in the 30-Day Success Challenge, it really IS that easy!

From The Desk of David McGraw,

What’s your idea of success?

Mine is building a business that provides my family with abundance and security, but also gives me the freedom to spend quality time with them.

For you, it might be making your first million, owning your own home, traveling the world, or even shaking off that stubborn 30lbs you’ve gained since high school.

Whatever success means to you, I’m guessing that you’ve hit a few roadblocks on your way there.

You might even have failed a few times, and you might be reluctant to put yourself out there again. It happens to the best of us, but I promise you that success is closer than you think!

I’m incredibly grateful to say that my own definition of success — abundance, freedom, security — is now my reality. I felt that fear that you’re feeling right now, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that amazing, unlimited possibilities were waiting for me on the other side.

I took the plunge and smashed through my fears, and it literally changed my life beyond recognition. Now, I’m challenging you to change yours!

For the last 15 years, I’ve been teaching thousands of aspiring high achievers how to develop an unstoppable success mindset. Using the Power of Visualization and Neuro-Editing Techniques™, these athletes, actors, doctors and entrepreneurs have conquered their fear of failure to get to the top of their game.

I’ve taken everything I teach my clients and put it into my new 30-Day Success Challenge. You’ll get a new success visualization session every day for a month, showing you how to break through your fears and re-wire your mind for greatness.

And if you decide it’s not for you? Simply cancel your membership, no charges, no questions asked!

Up for the Challenge? Then let’s do this! Click the button below to find out more and sign up now.

How do the Neuro-Editing Techniques™ work?

The Membership website provides over 100 streaming audio sessions that are designed to create lasting change in your life. These audio sessions create changes in your thoughts and behaviors through positive affirming messages, allowing you to release any negativity and anything that no longer serves you.

Yes! Absolutely safe and very relaxing! Just ask our Members

Do I have to download anything?

Nope! Zero downloading required. Simply relax in your favorite chair, put on a pair of headphones (optional) push play and allow yourself to relax.

Yes, 60 Day Refund when purchased through ClickBank.

What do I get with my membership?

You get full access to my membership library with over 100+ Neuro-Editing Techniques™ on everything from success mindset, confidence superchargers, wealth-building to weight loss, stress release and loving relationships.

And if I decide it’s not for me?

Simply cancel your membership below, no charges, no questions asked!

What is the cost of the membership fee?

How do I get instant access?

The registration will only take 3 minutes. Enter your payment information on our secure website and you’ll be taken to a registration form. Simply fill out your own unique username and password and you’re all set to log in.

I listen to these visualizations as a matter of habit when I am facing personal and professional challenges. I have previewed many of David McGraw’s programs and recommend him highly to patients and friends.

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