Display Tips For Your Collectible Houses.

Product Name: Display Tips For Your Collectible Houses.


 Dept 56 Display Tips for
Making Beautiful and Memorable Displays

Dear Fellow Department 56

Have you ever considered why it is so
enjoyable (and important) to make memorable and
displays with your Dept 56 houses?

I can think of five reasons for this:

•    Dept
56 Collections are Simply Beautiful and Interesting to Show

The Dept 56
collection of
houses and accessories are beautifully designed and always interesting.
These artists obviously put a great amount of time and thought into
designing the pieces, and never miss adding that unique touch of
character to each of them. The finished products leave no doubt about
their efforts.

The Dept 56 pieces are simply gorgeous whenever,
or wherever,
they are displayed, whether it be individually, in a vignette, or in a
large display. Since the pieces are so unique and beautiful, it’s
really hard to go wrong displaying them.

Within a short amount of time, you can take these intricate houses and
accessories and make them into an absolutely stunning display.

•    Dept
56 Collections are an Investment

It’s commonly known
that you usually “get what you pay for.”

Accordingly, since so much detail and thought goes into the production
of these pieces, it is only natural that they will not be cheap.

Consequently, collecting Dept 56 pieces can be an
that might easily add up. As with other worthwhile investments, it
comes naturally to show off these pieces.

Therefore some thought and effort should go into your displays so that
the collection looks as incredible as possible.

•    Dept
56 Collections are Fantastic for Creative Expression

Dept 56
particularly lend themselves to those who have a taste for creativity.
Making arrangements of any kind is an exercise in creativity, but
combining artistic expression with ‘city planning’ is always enjoyable.
After all, no one wants a boring display.

With all the
accessories that come with the Dept 56
collections, innumerable productions of displays can be made quite
easily. From the simple to the complex, from the serious to the
whimsical, the varieties are endless.

Just about everything is available to make the task simple. Of course,
the most necessary accessory is careful thought, which, when combined
with a little planning, can turn your displays into something really
beautiful as opposed to the impersonal, drab displays seen in many

•   Dept
56 Collections Allow you to Express your Imagination

We all like to dream and imagine what would
be if…..

With your Dept
collections you can bring some of that imagination to life. For
instance, what would you have been doing if you could have lived back
in the wintery times of Dickens? Which shops would you have liked to
visit (or own)? Where would you have liked to live?

Or how about if you
lived in New England. What would you have liked to do there? Fish,
watch the sea, skate,???

Your collections allow you to display some
of your dreams and desires.

•    Dept
56 Collections can Create many Wonderful Memories and

How invaluable are
your family traditions? We all have them and enjoy them (hopefully). Of
course, your Dept 56
displays can be a lasting tradition and memory for yourselves, your
kids and your friends. I don’t know about you, but in our house we
usually get our houses out for Christmas. Then we go to great lengths
to make them interesting, exciting and original!

For young children,
this yearly
tradition can be exciting. They can remember the fun of previous years
and eagerly wait to see how this year’s display will be different.
After doing this for a number of years the traditions and memories set
in. Of course, they might soon want to have their own Dept 56

think we can all agree that a memorable display takes time, thought and
patience, but is there any question that the effort is enjoyable and

This web site is here
to provide
you with some ideas and tips on how to make these beautiful displays.We
would like to give you a few tips
(or see left margin) and refer you to our e-book with
many more display tips and ideas for displaying collectible D56 houses
and what not.

Whether we are old Dept 56 collectors or
‘newbies’, we have all been through it at one time or
another – where do I begin? From there we gradually progress to – How
do I improve the display so it looks more realistic?

Well, to
help answer these questions I have written an e-book entitled “Displaying
your Collectible Lighted Houses”.
I wanted it to be an encouragement for both new and old collectors and
wanted to spark that creative genius in us. As I mentioned above we
invest a lot of time and money into collecting these houses so
it’s only right that they should look their best for the holiday
season – or any other time, for that matter.

In writing
this e-book,  I
just sat down and listed everything that I do (or have done in my 19
years of collecting) and ended up with over 150 different tips for
getting your display to look ‘just right’. I take you
through the steps that I normally do from start to finish. I describe
the initial planning, where to put your display, how to place the
houses, how to place the trees, and so on, all the way until that last
piece of snow is placed. 

I will cover all of these topics
in the e-book:

There are also 20 photographs, in the
e-book, to help explain some of the different points that I make.

Everything that I suggest is easy to do.
all involve things which are easy to find at either at the grocery
store, hardware store, craft store, your collectible store or from
outside in the yard. I’m not going to suggest anything that the average
person won’t find easy.

An icy
waterfall into a babbling brook.

I am a stay-at-home mom, so I’ve had to be frugal with the things that
I put into my display. Therefore I like to use things that I tend to
have around the house. I also like to make it easy to put my display
up, to turn it on (because if it’s hard to turn on, I’ll find myself
not turning it on as often) and to take it down. I have to admit that
it’s a bit of work to put it up every year instead of leaving it up
year round, but I find that I like the variety of having it different
every year.

Kids skating on a frozen

Since I
really don’t have the room to dedicate that much space to my houses all
the time, I take it down in January or February and usually just keep
out a favorite house or two to sit on a bookshelf or table for the
remainder of the year.

I’m not
an interior decorator although I have taken a class in home decorating.
I’ve tried most every crafting hobby probably known to man. The joke
around my house is that I collect hobbies. I knit, crochet, cross
stitch, decoupage, quilt, sew, made silk flowers, basket weave – you
name it, I’ve probably tried it. I enjoy working with my hands and like
to add my own personal touches to my house displays.

snowy night for a sleigh ride

As I
said above, I’ve been collecting and displaying for about 19 years now
and I still remember that first major display thinking ‘what on earth’
I am getting myself into. Looking back on things, it was a friend’s
display that first got me hooked on collecting Department 56.
My first purchase was the Sleepy Hollow Church – I
was just going to collect churches. HA! That didn’t last long. Now I
collect mostly Dickens Village and New
England Village. (I must confess to having a Christmas
in the City Toy Store that I couldn’t resist and I won a
Marie’s Doll House once. My husband won’t let me collect anything else.)

to a fire in a cozy village

my husband does like to brag about my displays. He’s often
prodded me about going into the business of putting up displays for
other people. I think that home displays can be so much more creative
and personal than the ones we see in stores. I have to admit that some
store displays just leave me cold. If I hadn’t seen a
friend’s display, first, I might not have gotten hooked on
collecting. That’s why when my husband suggested I write this
booklet, one of my main thoughts was to encourage people to use their
imaginations and dream a little when putting up their displays. I know
that my Christmas houses are going to be one of the things my children
will remember about our holidays together. They are always eager to see
how each one will turn out.

different type of back drop.

As we bring
this to a close, if your collection looks drab and lifeless in
comparison to these Dept 56 displays,
please purchase one of these Display Tips e-books.

believe you will then be able to set up your houses
to look
like these photographs — since everything will be explained in this

remember, if it is not, and you are not satisfied, simply let us know
and we will refund your purchase price with no questions asked.

before you check out these free bonuses, please note that we have a
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also sell an ebook Displaying
Your Collectible Houses – Display By Numbers.

But Wait!!!  
 There is More!!!

We also
sell an e-book entitled Dept
56 Display Table Plans – Building the Perfect Display Table.

For more
information on why we think this is the perfect Dept 56
Display Table, click Dept
56 Display Table Plans, or, click the ebook
image above.

Now onto the free bonuses ………

—————— Free
Bonuses ——————

As a bonus
for purchasing this e-book today, you will have access to six different

Excerpts from
Household Elegancies –
Suggestions In Household Art and
Tasteful Home Decorations

book was written in 1857. As you will read below, they took great pride
in making their homes beautiful and well decorated.

Excerpts from this book have been taken and re-printed in this
little report. In it you will learn how they did the following
things back in the 19th century. Maybe you can do it today.

     How to Make
Transparencies on Glass, etc.. 
     How to Crystalize
Grasses and Ferns, etc.
     How to Preserve White
     How to Make Wall

Here is the Preface to this book:

Is there a sweeter word in any language than that of Home? What can
bring brighter pictures of joy; what can give images to remain longer
on the mind; what can we treasure more tenderly than memories of Home;
and where, in all the earth, can happier hearts be gathered, but in the
delightful precincts of Home?

it be our cordial pleasure, then, to give some useful encouragement to
every lover of sweet, pure, tasteful, Home life, helping all to add to
its attractions; to show them in many beautiful little ways, how to
embellish its walls, improve every room with fancy ornaments, and even
decorate the windows with the charms of art and refined taste.

the Ladies of America, lovers of Home decorations, and ardent imitators
of every hint and tasteful suggestion, we present you these pages, and
offer our greeting, with the cordial wish, that in every Home where
enters this dainty volume, there may be a welcome rich and long

 Bright moments shall still brighter grow,
 While Home becomes our Heaven below.

You will
get step by step instructions and photographs for making each
of the Dept 56 accessories in this photograph.

Everything is made from items that you can get either at home or the
local craft supply store.

You will get
full instructions for Making Your Own –

You will get step by step
instructions and photographs for making these cute little
magnolias, as shown in this picture –

If you are still undecided,
here are some unsolicited comments from Happy Readers!

people have already purchased this book and have made favorable
comments about it. Here are a few comments we recently received
concerning the book:

TIPS BOOK!!!! I am already using several of them, as I plan to leave my
display up year-round. What a wonderful offering! Thank you again! Your
photos are great — your displays are tops! This e-book is the best!”


* * * * * * * * * * * *
* *

for your wonderful e-book.   …..  I am
forwarding it
to my husband to “inspire” him.  We have collected (D56
for many years now  …  We’ve always done a “simple”
either on shelves, the mantle, or a table with just a tablecloth — but
never did the “styrofoam – thing”.  For next year, we’ve
this would be a fun family project to do together ….. Thanks so much
for writing this and all the great tips!”


* * * * * * * * * * * *
* *

on having such a creative wife. We have downloaded and read every word
at least once. ……. Have been drawing lakes to go to the
glass shop to have them made. Will not have to do that now. I like it.”


* * * * * * * * * * * *
* *

product — better than expected!”


(Just in case you missed it, you can
find 5 display tips or ideas on this web site by clicking here or by clicking on the link in the
left margin.

You can also
sign up for a
series of 5 more tips or ideas which will be delivered to your
e-mail account. To get these tips, simply
fill in the form to the left.)

guess that just about says it all, ……so

I know of no other book, e-book or otherwise, which takes someone step
by step through the entire process of setting up a display. At the
present time this is NOT on an affiliate program, so it must be
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There is no better time than the present to get this unique booklet!

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your book or booklet, just
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you feel “display” challenged and are at a loss for new display ideas,
please visit our other auction on How To Display Your Collectible
Houses. We call it Displays By Number. With it you get 20 detailed
diagrams on how to build beautiful and memorable displays.

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made for immediate download, we are selling it through Clickbank.
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book can only be sold through

To order the condensed,
hardcopy version (3 ½ inch by 8 ½ 
glossy covered, 16 page booklet)
entitled “153 Tips for Displaying
Your Collectible Lighted Houses” which
will be mailed via snail mail.

if, after purchasing either of these books, you find that it
didn’t meet your expectations, please let us know and we’ll
gladly refund your money.

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eBay Auctions      
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eBay Auctions      
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Contact us at info@dept56tips.com

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Other Lomist Publications: How To Save Time and
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