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Product Name: End-Time Prophecy Study Course: Home page


One of the surest and most crucial end-time prophecies in the entire Bible was uttered by no less than 14 prophets, yet the overwhelming majority of prophecy observers – theologians and laymen alike – don’t seem to have a clue about it!!? Lest you become a part of this majority, be warned: Ignorance of THIS PROPHECY will become the greatest haven for deceivers in the last days!

Yes, our lack of awareness of this impending event is the ideal environment that the enemy of truth is desperately depending on to roll out his agenda for the last days. Unfortunately, this environment is now in the making, preparing the ground for the outrageous success of Lucifer’s end-time deception plan.

As the enemy is plotting to hold the world captive at his will, Christ will engineer a rescue plan to salvage many captives of the New Religious Order. His chief aim in the final crisis is to assemble a special army of end-time Christian warriors, fully equipped, and devoted specifically to the purpose of accomplishing Satan’s overthrow. In the final sequel of the great controversy, you will discover how much of a battle axe will this paramilitary group be in the hand of God and how they will rip the kingdom from the enemy’s grasp, and hand it over to Christ.

You will also see the provision God has made for all those who will remain faithful to Him during this end-time warfare, and how important a role the knowledge of prophecy will play in preparation for Apollyon’s final onslaught.

If the thought of the world becoming a society of idol worshippers sounds too outlandish to you, it means you are missing out on a most critical sequel in the great controversy between Christ and Satan. Unfortunately, the kind of instructions you need in order to fortify your mind against last-day deceptions is extremely rare. This is not the stuff you’ve ever heard at your Sabbath/Sunday Bible classes, your tent crusades, or even from that mainstream prophecy commentator you watch on Friday nights on your favorite broadcasting network.

The End-Time Prophecy E-course, being the only one of its kind on the internet, is specifically designed to derail the enemy’s plan for your eternal oblivion through deception.

It will empower you with all the interpretive tools provided in the scriptures and show you how to analyze, simplify, and nail down some of the most difficult end-time prophecies of Daniel and Revelation… even if you are a total novice to Bible prophecy.

You will be guided step by step in arriving at your conclusions not by speculation, nor by theological gymnastics, but by following simple Bible instructions EXACTLY AS THEY ARE GIVEN TO THE PROPHETS IN VISION.

In a riveting presentation of end-of-the-world events, this unique prophecy course will expose, in uncompromising details how Satan will meticulously execute his master plan for the promotion and popularization of Global Idolatry.


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