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Wednesday July 24, 2019 By Scott Greene

Dear Friend,
If you are impotent and think your days of great sex are over, you are wrong.

Dear Friend,
If you are impotent and think your days of great sex are over. . .

If you think you are too old and “past it,” you are wrong.

Trust me . . . I know the embarrassment of being unable to “get it up” in front of a women, the constant
battle with drug side-effects, the feeling that your manhood is disappearing with age. . .

And I spent YEARS in that state . . . feeling like a castrated loser . . . before learning the all-natural
secret I’m about to share with you today.

The secret that’ll take you from wondering “what happened to the man I used to be” to having your
wife or girlfriend once again gasp in surprise & delight when the lights go out. . .

But before all that – let’s great real – you’ve heard this “all-natural solution” stuff before, so why
should you listen to me?

Well for one, I have no pills, supplements or magic glop to sell you.
Once I teach you what it is & how it works, you’ll have get it yourself.

It also attacks the root cause of your problem – something no other “all-natural” ED cure does.

Yes! This stuff!

Yes! This stuff!

. . . because it’s barbecue sauce.

Or rather . . . something found inside the #1 main ingredient of barbecue sauce as it was originally
made hundreds of years ago. . .

But before I reveal what this mystery ingredient is, how it works, or how I beat my own ED . . . let me
introduce myself.

Hi, my name is Scott Greene and I’m a researcher, historian, & men’s health author (maybe you’ve heard of me).

And in a moment I’m going to teach you a simple trick that’ll not only restore your erections . . . but
make all the other men look like wimps! (Because why not).

But first let me backtrack for a moment. . .

You see, we have a big problem in the west these days. . .

And if that’s what you’ve been taught, it’s not your fault.

According to the University of Massachusetts more than 30 million Americans suffer from potency

And when I see that figure, my heart aches . . . but do you know what really gets my goat?

According to a 9-year analysis published by the Journal of Sexual Medicine in January 2012, at
least 1,824 deaths have been caused by the “little blue pill” alone between 1998 and 2007.

Now I don’t mean to scare you & I’m sure doctors & manufacturers aren’t doing this deliberately,
but . . .

Here’s just one of the “horror stories” from the 2012 study:
On a beautiful May morning in
Visalia, California, 65-year old Mike Howorth (real name) woke up at 5:00 a.m. planning to surprise
his wife with the “little blue pill” his urologist just gave him the day before. . .

Shorty after making love to his wife, Mike began shaking and passed out.

He died two days later of cardiac arrest & brain damage. He & his wife had been married for 50

As tragic as this story is, it’s because of victims like Mike that the following section is on page
2 of all official drug leaflets of oral drugs targeting ED:

And that’s not the only problem. . .

Here’s another little fact you probably don’t know – your penis is likely fine.
What’s really crippled is your other “sex organ” – your arteries.

Most men don’t know this, but it’s your arteries, not your brain or penis, that produce the key signaling molecule
which causes your “corpus cavernosum” (the name of the cavities within the penis that fill up
with blood) to dilate.

This molecule is called Nitric Oxide (NO).

Artery disease, also known as plaque build-up, not only smothers your arteries & stops them from
producing Nitric Oxide, but is also a major contributor to heart attacks and strokes!

Artery disease, also known as plaque build-up, not only smothers your arteries & stops them from
producing NO, but is also a major contributor to heart attacks and strokes!

Many studies have proven that when men clear their arteries (usually through months of heavy dieting
& exercise), their sex drive & erection frequency improves.

Anti-impotence drugs ignore this.

They make you hard by forcefully prying open blood vessels, thereby engorging them with blood. This
brutal treatment of your body’s most delicate tissue is dangerous for two reasons:

1. It can over-fill the penis, producing excruciatingly painful erections that don’t go away for hours or
even days.

2. It can leave blood vessels in the penis stretched and irreversibly damaged, making it even harder to
achieve future erections no matter what you try!

However, I have good news . . .

Yes, the secret bbq ingredient was chili.

Yes, the main ingredient of ancient barbecue sauce was chili pepper.

Yes, the main ingredient of ancient barbecue sauce was chili pepper.

That’s right – it’s possible to restore your manhood & flush deadly plaque from your system at the
same time – without diets, exercise, or dangerous drugs that leave you permanently limp!

In fact, you’ll do it sitting at the dinner table – feasting on barbecue chicken & pork ribs – the exact
opposite of what FOOD NAZIS are always telling you to do!

Sounds too good to be true?

Well it’s not. The mysterious substance that does all this is called capsaicin, and it’s found in only one
food on earth – the chili pepper.

Now I know this may be hard to believe, but make no mistake about it – chili peppers are a magic
bullet for men’s health!

Capsaicin, the oily substance responsible for a pepper’s “heat,” has been clinically-proven in multiple
studies to. . .

1. Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology, 2004
2. British Journal of Urology, 1987
3. University of Uludag, Turkey, 2005
4. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, 2014
5. American Cancer Society of San Diego, 2012
6. Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility, 2014
7. British Journal of Nutrition, 2003
8. Journal of Apoptosis, 2014
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10. Journal of Applied Physiology, 2005
11. Journal of Apoptosis, 2014
12. European Journal of Physiology, 2013
13. Journal of Phytotherapy Research, 2001
14. Multidisciplinary Biomedical Journal, 2015

1. Journal of Cardiovascular Pharmacology, 2004
2. British Journal of Urology, 1987
3. University of Uludag, Turkey, 2005
4. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry, 2014
5. American Cancer Society of San Diego, 2012
6. Journal of Neurogastroenterology and Motility, 2014
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8. Journal of Apoptosis, 2014
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12. European Journal of Physiology, 2013
13. Journal of Phytotherapy Research, 2001
14. Multidisciplinary Biomedical Journal, 2015

And much more . . . allow me to prove it to you . . .

Did you know that Mexico – the country that consumes the highest amount of capsaicin foods – uses
barely 3% of the world’s supply of Viagra – while the United States pops a whopping 40%?

(Mexico’s population is about half that of the U.S., so let’s cut that number down to 20% for

This means even when you factor in the population difference – Mexico uses 85.7% less Viagra than
the U.S. – even though the drug is widely available & heavily marketed in both countries.

Now this alone doesn’t prove anything, but when you pair it with. . .

How much do YOU use?

How much do YOU use?

According to a French study published in 2014 by the University of Grenoble, you can predict a
man’s testosterone level simply by putting a bottle of spicy sauce in front of him and watching
what he does.

In a study of over a hundred men ages 18 to 44 who were given a meal of mashed potatoes and told
to squeeze as much sauce on it as they wanted – the men who used the most were later revealed to
also have the most testosterone!

And this wasn’t the first study to discover this capsaicin to testosterone link. . .

If this doesn’t make you see peppers for the natural powerhouses they truly are, I don’t know what will.

Two different studies conducted at the University of Uludag, Turkey, found that when male animals
were fed a diet of 0.02% capsaicin, each experienced about a 256% surge in testosterone & even saw a
boost in sperm production!

Proof! Middle age adults ended up with testosterone
levels 67% HIGHER than teens going through puberty.

But even that didn’t shock researchers as much as the 2017 study below. . .

Capsaicin makes you live longer!

That’s what researchers at the University of Vermont found when they followed the diet of over
16,000 Americans in a large public health study that spanned 23 years.

Using annual surveys, they concluded that men who ate spicy food on a weekly basis were nearly
15% more likely to live into their 80s & even 90s!

When tested, these men also turned out to have lower levels of HDL (bad) cholesterol – the exact
stuff that clogs your arteries, halts nitric oxide production & causes ED!

Another large population study, this one conducted in China by the Harvard Medical School from
2004 to 2008, concluded nearly the exact same figures:

“those who consumed spicy foods 6 or 7 days a week showed a 14% relative risk reduction in total
mortality . . . In this large prospective study, the habitual consumption of spicy foods was inversely
associated with total and certain cause specific mortality, independent of other risk factors of death.”

Study after study proves capsaicin beats risky cholesterol lowering drugs at clearing
plaque-chocked arteries.

It also makes your body produce higher amounts of a molecule known as Superoxide Dismutase
(SOD), which in turn raises your levels of another molecule known as “PDE5.”

Without getting too technical, PDE5 is what activates Nitric Oxide once it reaches your

Here’s why I’m telling you this:This PDE5 plus Nitric Oxide reaction is also exactly how
Viagra, Cialis and Levitra work! They use PDE5 to prolong the time Nitric Oxide stays active in
your system, even when your arteries can’t make enough of it.

Capsaicin does nearly the same thing – except safely & without side effects!

This isn’t just another band-aid solution meant to give you a quick erection while the
underlying cause of ED continues to destroy your health. . .

No wonder religions have been warning people about the “sexual effects” of spicy food for
centuries. . .

You’ve probably never heard this before, but there was a time in history when spicy foods were
associated with sin, sodomy, sex . . . and . . . most notably. . .

See the following passage written by John Wycliffe, the first man ever to
translate the bible into English,

“And the disciples of Beelzebub would gorge on feasts seasoned with hot spices and extra-hot with
sauces and syrups, such are the characters of Antichrist. I have set them together here, that every
Christian may shun them. . .”

– Of Antichrist and His Followers, John Wycliffe, (1320 – 1384)

Who is Beelzebub you ask?

Beelzebub, one of the 7 Princes of Hell

We can laugh about it now, but back then peppers were thought of as nothing less than
diabolical, often labeled as the food of choice for brutes, womanizers, & the oversexed. . .

Some even preached it corrupted men’s souls.

“When [chili pepper] is taken moderately, it helps and comforts the stomacke for digestion: but if they take too much . . . is prejudiciall to the health of young folks, chiefely to the soule, for that it provokes
to lust . . .”

– Jesuit priest Father Jose de Acosta (1590)

A chili a day keeps ED away.

A chili a day keeps ED away.

Unfortunately it’s not that simple.

According to the science (along with my experiences), you need roughly 300 to 400 milligrams of
capsaicin (depending on your weight) a couple times a week to activate its sex rejuvenating

A green jalapeno or chipotle pepper (what’s in most mass market products) on the other hand has
less than 4 milligrams, while a cayenne pepper has about 21.

Taking these weak, ordinary products is like trying to use a BB gun to stop an elephant.

To get true results, you need to bring out the BIG GUNS – the peppers hotter than cayenne, yet
still easily tolerable if you know how to use them.

And as promised, I’ll teach you exactly what these are, how to obtain them, and how to use them
to turn back your sexual clock – without feeling any burn or negative side-effects of any

But before that, let me answer just 1 more question that’s probably on your mind. . .

Pills won’t work. Neither will supplements.

Here’s why: All “capsaicn pills” are made up of one ingredient – cayenne powder, which is
far too weak for what we’re looking for.

Which brings me to another subject – capsaicin extract – something you should NEVER try.

Not only is it expensive, it’s so strong that just one drop can boost your blood circulation so
quickly you’ll faint! It’s even banned from food expos!

That’s why I’m exited to tell you about my brand new book for men. . .

You see, I had to figure all of this out for myself – the hard way – back when I too struggled
with erectile problems (which is an embarrassing story for another day). . .

And honestly, I feel guilty keeping this knowledge all to myself. That’s why this short book has
everything you need to know about how to use capsaicin foods to restore your manhood.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll discover. . .

Whole Book – Easy-to-follow instructions on how to use capsaicin to turbocharge your sex
drive, KO erectile problems, and make you a lover your wife or girlfriend will never
forget – just by adding one ingredient to your lunch or dinner each day!

Page 67 – 3 little-known secrets to eating all the ultra-potent meals you want with
BURN, zero stomach aches, and zero flinching (go ahead and erase the word “limp” from
your dictionary).

Page 41 – How to exploit the “SOD
effect” & feast your way to healthy arteries using
deep-fried chicken & spiced barbecue ribs – the exact opposite of what the FOOD NAZIS
are telling you! (Make sure you rub it in their faces as you enjoy your meat like never
before). . .

Page 70 – The easiest way to start using peppers even if you previously hated them, have
zero heat tolerance, or no cooking experience – so you start seeing results TONIGHT!

Page 48 – Why capsaicin is perfectly safe & actually nourishes your body even in high
amounts (plus a sneaky way to use peppers to become IMMUNE TO PAIN).

Page 72 – The one rule you need to follow when shopping at the supermarket & why you
should NEVER buy anything labeled “chili powder” or “chili oil” if you care about your
sexual health & want to be youthful, potent and IN THE
GAME at any age!

Page 69 – How to easily & naturally preserve large batches of fresh peppers with barely
any work or time investment – so that you just buy them once, keep them in the fridge,
and take them out when you want to add an extra OOMPH to your love life. (P.S. It also
makes them taste better). . .

But before I get to the extra stuff . . . let me ask you:

When I was a young man, I made a promise to myself.

I promised I’d NEVER allow myself to become one of those soft, wimpy middle-aged guys . . . you
know, the ones who “sold out”& traded their manhood for the security of the couch.

That wasn’t for me. That’s why I refused to throw in the towel & become another old dog on a
leach for the pharmaceutic industry to suck money out of.

Because let’s face it. . .

The problems brought on by an inability to get an erection are . . . well . . . they’re
downright embarrassing.

And no matter how “nice” a person your partner is, she will be disappointed when you’re unable
to perform. Sure, she might say things like “It’s okay . . . I understand” but . . . well, you
can only imagine what she’s really thinking . . .

Even worse, what if she misinterprets your inability to “get it up” as:

“He no longer finds me attractive or desirable enough.”

What kind of strain would that put on YOUR relationship?

Think about it . . . and while you are, allow me show you what else you’ll get with Heat
Yourself Hard. . .

Most men don’t realize how easy it is to make their own nutritious bbq sauce.

Here’s why you should do it:Modern barbecue sauce is nothing like how it was made
traditionally. Big companies have reduced it to a fake concoction of vegetable oil & bad carbs.

You will NOT get good results using these mass market products.

In the old days, all barbecue sauce was hot & smokey.

Mark my words, as soon as you invest the 10 – 15 minutes needed to prepare one of these
mouthwatering sauces (meaning throw the ingredients into a blender & push a button) – you’ll
NEVER buy the store-bought crud again!

That’s why I’d like to teach you. . .

Did you know that in parts of the world (such as Bangladesh), men are considered wimps & unfit
for marriage if they can’t handle certain peppers?

Or that one of the “initiation rituals” of elite U.S. Special Forces units is to drink a bottle
of ultra-potent hot sauce in one gulp without flinching?

Well make sure to point this out to your drinking buddies when you swallow an ultra-hot in front
of them and offer to share (it’s even more fun when their wives are in
the room). . .

But I’m not that interested in making money right now. I’d rather see this life-changing
information get into the hands of as many men as possible.

Literally, you can have one of those fancy coffees from Starbucks or something that makes your
sex life immune to time. The choice is yours. . .

You’re FULLY Protected By My 100% Risk-Free
No-Hassle 60 Day Money Back GUARANTEE

My Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee

Try the Heat Yourself Hard system today risk free
& put it to the test.

My 60-day money back guarantee is your insurance policy.

In the unlikely event you don’t 100%
agree this method is as effective and easy as I said it is on this page and more. . .

Or are otherwise dissatisfied with it for any reason (or no reason at all). . . Simply email
me at Scott@HeatYourselfHard.com & you will
receive a prompt and courteous refund.

There will be no questions asked, no hassles, & you’ll owe

And with a deal like that, I know there’s only one thing stopping you from clicking the “Add to
Cart” button right now.

So let me put all your concerns at ease:
After you click the “Add to Cart” button & fill out the
short order form (which looks exactly like the image below), you can rest assured NOTHING about
“Heat Yourself Hard” will appear on your credit card or bank statement.

It’s completely private & nobody will know about your purchase today unless you decide to tell them.

So don’t wait. . .

And it’s not just bbq ribs you’ll be able to enjoy. . .

The next time you want to make love to your wife, instead of resorting to dangerous drugs . . .
you go out for Spicy BBQ Ribs!

Better yet, grab the frying pan & drop a juicy T-bone steak right in (just make sure to coat it
in the delicious barbecue sauce you made 10 minutes ago using your copy of BBQ Sauce Erections).
. .

Imagine . . . knowing that as you indulge to your heart’s content, you’re also raising your
testosterone, boosting your longevity, protecting your heart . . . and best of all . . . feeling
the bulge returning to your crotch area. . .

Until you’re as rock-hard as you were in your prime!

And you’re doing it naturally. No pills – no patches – and best of all – no embarrassing
appointments with the doctor!

Remember, this is the easiest side-effect free way to restore your manhood & pump the intimacy
back into your relationship – especially since Heat Yourself Hard requires ZERO dieting,
exercise or discipline of any kind!

And it works no matter how hopeless you think you are. Even if you’re on a dozen medications,
have gray hair, & haven’t “gotten it up” in half a decade – YOU CAN feel like a man again.

So don’t delay! Click the yellow “Add to Cart” button right now . . . before you forget & end up
going through another month of suffering. . .

So don’t delay! Click the yellow “Add to Cart” button right now . . . before you forget & end up
going through another month of suffering. . .

You’ve spent long enough without great sex.

P.P.S. You alone know how important fulfilling sex is to you. If you’ve read all the way here,
are convinced Heat Yourself Hard can restore your erections, but still haven’t decided to click
the “Add to Cart” button, maybe your manhood isn’t as important to you as you think.

I recommend collecting stamps.

Q: I hate spicy food & have zero heat tolerance but want the benefits
of capsaicin. What should I do?Relax, I wrote Heat Yourself Hard just for men like you.
That’s why I included multiple chapters on how to get all the benefits you want with zero burn, zero
hassle, and zero flinching. Just eat delicious meals & let capsaicin do the rest.

Q: What ingredients do I need to make the sauces? I think my
local supermarket only carries jalapenos.The only ingredient you may have to slightly go
out of your way to obtain is the ultra-potent peppers themselves. If your local supermarket doesn’t have
them, you can always order them online at dirt cheap prices. Everything is listed in great detail in
Heat Yourself Hard, including brand names & the websites I use personally.

Q: How long does it take to see results?Most men report
changes within the first few days, although it ultimately depends on the state of your health. Worse case
scenario, 1 to 2 weeks.

Q: Am I required to use a backyard barbecue or grill in order to fully
use this system?No, none of the books have any grilling instructions. All you need is a
common blender or food processor.

Q: I thought hot peppers caused indigestion & stomach ulcers? Is this
not true?It’s absolutely not true. Capsaicin does not cause indigestion or irritate the
stomach in any way. In fact, multiple studies have shown it actually nourishes & soothes your digestive
tract, reduces gas, and even decreases your chances of getting colon cancer. It’s 100% safe.

Q: What about cholesterol lowering drugs (aka statins), can’t I just
take those to clear out my arteries & restore my erections?Only if you want to ruin your
health with nasty side-effects such as memory loss, muscle weakness, and further IMPOTENCE for the many
months you’ll be taking them. Also note that your cholesterol will likely return shorty after you stop
taking them & you’ll end up right back where you started.

Q: I already enjoy spicy food yet still have bedroom troubles. What am
I doing wrong?You’re likely using weak mass market products that are low in capsaicin.
Try making your own sauces as outlined in Barbecue Sauce Erections & you’ll see results.

Q: I’m on half a dozen medications, could capsaicin interact with any
of them?Only if you’re on strong anticoagulants (also known as blood thinners), which
are sometimes given to people with very serious heart problems. If you’re on these, speak to your doctor
if it’s safe for you to eat spicy food (although you should note that nobody has ever died or been
injured from eating hot peppers). . .

Q: I’m actually in my 20s, can Heat Yourself Hard help me
anyway?Absolutely. Research shows that hot pepper consumption is strongly correlated
with high testosterone & better bedroom performance. It’ll also allow you to impress girls & make your
male friends look like wimps. . .

Q: Is Heat Yourself Hard a physical book? How will I obtain it
after making my purchase?Once you complete your purchase, you’ll be immediately
redirected to a page where you’ll grab all 3 books in an instantly downloadable Adobe Acrobat PDF format you can access from
anywhere, including your phone or tablet. You’ll also receive an email with the download link so you
don’t lose it.

So take action today! Reclaim that vigor and masculinity that came so naturally in your youth. It’s
much easier than you think. And nothing will make me happier than showing you how to do it.

Click the button below right now…

Please stay in touch. I am a real person with a real desire to help. If you have
questions or want
to reach me for any reason, my personal email address is Scott@HeatYourselfHard.com

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