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You’re here because either you or your partner is jealous and this jealousy is painful enough in your relationship and life that you’re finally ready to do something about it.

We’re relationship coaches Susie and Otto Collins and you may not know us yet, but we’re experts on helping people like you overcome jealousy before it ruins your relationship and life.

We created this website because we want to help you get rid of the jealousy that’s causing so much pain, misery and uncertainty between you and the most important person in your life.

In order to best help you do that, we’d like to ask you a few questions about jealousy and your relationship.

This will only take a moment and don’t worry…

These questions and your answers are for your eyes ONLY as a tool for discovering just how BIG the jealousy problem is for you in your relationship and what your next steps are for overcoming it.

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then your jealousy is much bigger than what would be considered “normal.”

The “green-eyed monster” called jealousy can and will destroy your relationship or marriage if you don’t do something to stop it in its tracks.

If you’re at the end of your rope because of jealousy, hang on a minute because…

There IS a way to eliminate the shame, insecurity, and self- doubt.

We’re Susie and Otto Collins and in the early days of our relationship–long before we were Breakthrough Relationship Coaches–we had our own struggles with jealousy.

We’ve been there, maybe exactly where you are right now.

In fact, things got so bad, we didn’t think our relationship would survive. It tore us apart– made us question ourselves, we felt unloved and it caused a great deal of unnecessary turmoil.

We don’t know how jealousy comes up for you in your relationship or marriage– but in our particular situation jealousy came at the worst possible moments…

We would be out at a restaurant, a social gathering, a party or a get-together at a friend’s house and Susie would see Otto talking to someone else–especially another beautiful woman–and her whole body would start to tense up, her heart would start beating faster (and not in a good way), her mind would start racing and then she’d start seeing and imagining the worst possible scenarios in her mind.

It wasn’t that Susie didn’t trust Otto.

It’s just that these jealous thoughts were like scenes from a bad movie that she couldn’t get out of her mind and the worst part is that they would seemingly come out of nowhere and just “blind” her to the point that this was all she could think about and focus on.

Her jealous thoughts were enough to drive any sane person crazy.

When these thoughts would come up, she would start saying things to herself like… “He’s going to leave me for someone else–someone younger, more beautiful, more fun, sexier, more outgoing, more ‘spiritual’.”

You name it and she thought it– and as we just said a moment ago–it very well could have totally ruined our love and relationship.

Jealousy was so intense that neither one of us could really be who we were and this was awful.

Otto was always trying to reign himself in and not really be his normal, outgoing self when we would go out.

He didn’t feel like he could talk to as many people as he would like in social situations out of fear of how Susie might react.

Because of the tension that the jealousy created for the two of us, we also weren’t nearly as connected as we would have liked and our intimacy suffered.

Communication was strained, we both felt like we were always walking on eggshells and there was even an underlying tension when we had sex (after all, it’s hard to have deep connected, passionate sex with someone who is always accusing you of doing something that you’re NOT doing.)

We could have split over this but the good news is, we didn’t…

We found a solution for these painful, agonizing feelings!

We discovered the exact steps to take to save our relationship and remove the JEALOUSY out of our lives forever. And you can too!
Now, at parties, get-togethers with friends or social gatherings, Otto is the one coming to find Susie — wanting to be with her, and she’s able to have a perfectly fine time NOT watching what he’s doing or keeping tabs on him.

As Otto says–“This makes ME want to seek her out and be with her more than anyone at any party we are at… totally changing our dynamic at social gatherings completely.”

We’re two people (like you) who’ve lived through this. We struggled with the apprehension, heart-break and uncertainty in our relationship.

Our relationship used to be filled with jealousy and now we have a close, connected and incredibly passionate relationship that we wouldn’t trade for anything.

Since you’re reading this, we believe you’re already much smarter than most people and ready to get rid of the unhappiness in your life.

Many people would have already clicked off this site.

But you’re still here, because you hear that small voice – the one inside that whispers to you every single day. The same one that keeps you awake at night saying…

You were meant to have a life FREE Of JEALOUSY!

Maybe your partner has given you plenty of reasons to cause you to doubt their love, honesty, faithfulness and desire to be with you–and maybe they haven’t.

Maybe you’ve been in other relationships where you’ve had a partner or spouse who’s lied to you or cheated on you.

Maybe you’ve seen firsthand relationships (maybe your parents) or marriages of people you know, love and care about be totally destroyed because of lies, cheating or an affair or infidelity.

Regardless of whether any of those things are true for you…

If you want to know why being jealous is such a huge issue in relationship today, you don’t have to look any further than your favorite media outlet.

We are all being constantly bombarded in movies, television, books, magazines, newspapers, emails, music, and on the internet with the message that everyone lies and cheats–especially in committed relationships and marriages.

The airwaves and other media outlets are filled with real and made- up stories of infidelity and betrayal.

If you hear enough of those media messages over and over (and ALL of us have), it’s only natural that you’re going to start putting a question mark in front of everything your partner says or does.

Because of all of these messages (plus maybe what happened in your past), it’s no wonder you have all these jealous thoughts that you can’t seem control!

So, what can you do to get these jealous thoughts and feelings under control?

If you’re serious about doing what it takes to stop your jealousy, you’re going to want to know about this…

We’ve created a breakthrough program that shows you exactly how to stop the insanity that jealousy creates in your relationship and life.

Part 1: No More Jealousy Ebook

We introduce you to some new ways of looking at jealousy, help you understand what it really is, where it comes from and give you dozens of concrete ideas and strategies for letting those jealous feelings go.

There’s also a section for what to do in a “Jealousy Emergency” when you’re overwhelmed by those jealous feelings.

Part 2: No More Jealousy Audios

In addition to receiving your “No More Jealousy” downloads, you will also receive occasional emails from us with helpful tips and tricks as well as exclusive offers. You can unsubscribe at any time at the bottom of every email we send. Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

“No More Jealousy” program…

If you said “YES” to any of the above statements–then jealousy and lack of trust are definitely issues for you.

We urge you to give yourself permission to say “YES” to you and make the decision to whip jealousy and banish it from your life forever by getting “No More Jealousy.”

We urge you to say “YES” to you so you can feel safe and comfortable even in social situations that have driven you crazy in the past.

Life is too short to be miserable for one moment longer.

All you have to do is be willing to invest a little bit of time, effort and energy into learning and practicing some new ideas and some new skills of self discovery and the rest is easy.

If you’ve read this far, we’re thinking that you’re someone who really wants a whole lot more from your relationship than you have right now and you’re willing to be open to some new ideas to create something better.

We think so and here’s something really important to understand…

You’ve got no need to apologize for wanting a better life!

There’s absolutely no reason to be shy about going for what you want.

Contrary to what the world wants you to believe, satisfying your desires is not selfish. You were born to be satisfied…not settling for a trampled-down version of existence heaped with feelings of disappointment.

If you’re finally ready to stop the jealousy that’s creating so much drama and havoc in your life right now, then here’s what we want you to do…

Order the “No More Jealousy” program now by clicking on the “Order Now” button below and start going through the information right away.

This program is the most complete course available anywhere on how to stop jealousy. Nothing has been held back.

This program gives you everything you need to stop your jealous behavior now before it sabotages your relationship completely and you lose your partner and the love you really want.

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“12 Proven Secrets” (3 audios)

These are three recordings of a live 90-minute teleseminar we conducted where we gave our answers to the 12 biggest, most important and most pressing questions that our web site visitors and newsletter subscribers like you had about how to create closer and more loving relationships. 

“Love Lessons”
by Susie and Otto Collins

This ebook will give you dozens of powerful insights, tips, ideas and strategies for creating an outstanding relationship and what we use in our relationship to keep it loving and growing.

“7 Keys to Creating A Great Relationship”

Here are 7 things we consider to be most important in creating an outstanding relationship.

“Instant Calm” Meditation

Here’s a short meditation with our introduction to help you get to a place of calm when your jealous thoughts overwhelm you.

In addition to receiving your “No More Jealousy” downloads, you will also receive occasional emails from us with helpful tips and tricks as well as exclusive offers. You can unsubscribe at any time at the bottom of every email we send. Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

60 Day 100% No-Risk “No More Jealousy” Guarantee

Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can’t-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If for any reason, you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase, just let us know within 60 days and we’ll refund 100% of your purchase price.  

One of the reasons we offer such a powerful guarantee is–almost no one returns the program. It works.

“No More Jealousy changed my life. It has given me tremendous freedom. Thank you for your great insight!”     Robin

“Discovered 2 big AH-HA’s that helped stop my jealousy …”   Joan

“No More Jealousy helped me handle my fears and insecurities…”   Karen

“Helpful, and to the point without a lot of psycho-babble.…”   Bob

In addition to receiving your “No More Jealousy” downloads, you will also receive occasional emails from us with helpful tips and tricks as well as exclusive offers. You can unsubscribe at any time at the bottom of every email we send. Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


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