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“Want to rekindle your romance … feel loved, less stressed, energetic, romantic, content, and emotionally and financially secure …?”

Discover How to Communicate Effectively, Achieve Emotional, Physical, Sexual and Spiritual Intimacy and Reconnect With Your Partner…

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“Hi Karen, Just a little message for you – I want to thank you for your attention to our marriage. Both Caitlin and I are happier than ever. Your advice and solutions have changed everything for the better. Without your studies, our life would be so messy and I really know I will be doubling the 16 years of partnership with my sexy wife Caitlin. Please know that my hand is up if you wish to interview my mind for anything that may assist you in assisting others.” – Sam

Note: Names have been changed at the Members’ request to protect privacy.

At last! The exact resources and training you need to reduce stress and restore contentment and happiness in your relationship …

… The same resources that have helped Mike and Karen and more than 5,500 individual clients from 83 nationalities around the world make better relationships … all in one awesome location.

Welcome To Game of Intimacy

Welcome, we’re so glad you are here!

You’re about to discover how you can tap into your unique gifts and build a connected relationship.

… And this is very exciting for various reasons, because chances are you’re in a relationship because you want to:

Our names are Mike & Karen Gosling and we’ve been helping people build successful relationships for a combined 37+ years!  You might know us from our workshops, webinars, products or our international speaking, but if you don’t that’s ok.

You see, we cracked the code to removing bottlenecks for our clients… consistently… easily… efficiently… all from just building our own relationship and documenting our experiences – and now we are passing on our knowledge to you!

And by working with us, you will leverage our relationship experiences and our love for teaching and training so that you can make better relationships.

We’ve been a part of every aspect of an intimate relationship for 37 years, but we do not claim to be masters of everything. We want to learn from you too (hence you become an integral part of EmotionMatters Community). We’ve been founders of an international coaching and counseling clinic in Australia and South East Asia, counseled thousands of clients world wide, created and run numerous workshops, spoken at countless numbers of events, written five books on emotional leadership and self-improvement, created 26 DVD/CD products, and have traveled the world …. and some of that was cramped in a camper van travelling around Europe and the UK – now THAT really tested our relationship skills!. But enough about us…….

Well, if you answered yes to any of the questions above you’ve definitely come to the right place!

We Want To Give You Everything We Know

Why on earth would we want to do that?

Because in life there are only two kinds of people: Those who are players and those who play at it. And we like to play with players.

When the players we’ve personally counseled or coached start acting with emotional wealth (their emotional intelligence and emotional wealth habits), they normally shoot WAY PAST what they thought was their potential.

These people are what we call Emotional Masterminds. The only question now, is. . . Will you be one of them?

What if we could help you …

Would these changes benefit you, your team, or your loved ones? What if you could be free of emotional pain – imagine how much more you could achieve!

Imagine living your life free of pain building happy, healthy relationships – the key to emotional and financial wealth! You can, by following our step-by-step lessons to get through emotional pain so you can use your daily allotment of 1,440 minutes effectively.

Imagine being emotionally free, leveraging your time to build relationships with others. You can, but you must take action now:

Imagine what you could accomplish if you used a couple of hours each evening and on weekends to learn about your emotional brain and how it can lead you to a purposeful way of living. All you have to do is create more time by ending the time you now spend dwelling on emotional pain – in the past and in the future. By setting aside two hours a day to get 3 months of productive time a year you will have gained more time to accomplish all you goals in life with ease!

Now is the time to take you to the
next level of emotion excellence . . .

We specialize in providing members with the tips, tools, strategies and resources they need to improve their emotional health and turn their dreams of successful relationships into a wonderful reality.

Well, in the Game of Intimacy Home Study Pack at EmotionMatters Community our members have access to the very best, highest quality, most trustworthy resources – resources you can count on to get you “unstuck” and to maximize your time and talents.

Don’t Let Yourself Become Another
Relationship Horror Story …

We’ve seen and heard so many horror stories over the years that we finally got fed up and decided to do something about it.

Simply put, we’re tired of seeing nice, genuine people like you get taken advantage of by selfish and/or uncaring relationship service and resource providers.

These so-called professionals overcharge you, provide you with incomplete and often downright incorrect solutions, offer very little, if any, support and guidance and then just stand by counting their fee as your relationship goes under.

EmotionMatters Community is filled with the tips, tools, resources, and strategies you need to begin building personal growth and healthy relationships quickly and easily online. You won’t find a treasure trove like this anywhere else!

In fact, armed with Game of Intimacy Coaching, you’ll have all the information and the contacts you need to make your relationship better.

Here are some examples of problems
people had and how they were helped by
the Game of Intimacy program:

Gina suffered a fear of flying and had seen a therapist previously to learn strategies to manage her fears. Yet these seemed unsuccessful, as she would become increasingly anxious as the day loomed closer that she was to fly. Her husband travelled a great deal with his work and she was often invited to accompany him, but would not due to her anxiety. Gina said her goal was to be like a normal person, and to go on a planned family holiday, and to fly without having to take a valium. She added that when she did travel, she never had to take a valium on her return trip!

EmotionMatters Solution:

Karen explored with Gina what she was actually afraid of, and she could not describe it. In fact, Gina realised, once the packing was done and the family was finally at the airport and the luggage checked in, she started to relax. This did not fit the picture of someone who, if anxious about flying, was nearing her flight time!

Karen suggested to Gina that she may be a Highly Sensitive Person, who experienced floods of adrenalin in her body in the stress of the build up to the family holiday. With a family of boys, she was the one left to do all the laundry and packing, and organising others to care for the pets and the plants. There was so much to plan and to think about that Gina was experiencing overwhelm, which she mistook to be anxiety!

At Karen’s suggestion, Gina changed the label of “fear of flying” to “overwhelm”, and for this, she could permit herself to take a valium just to calm down enough to complete the preparation and to get to the airport. Then she could relax on her trip away, knowing she would feel neither anxious nor overwhelmed about the return flight. Once Gina could articulate the difference in her feelings, and realised she was not actually fearful of flying, she was able to do much more travelling with her husband, which greatly improved their relationship and intimacy.

Maggie was upset at her husband’s recent announcement that he had fallen in love with someone else, after which he promptly moved out to live with his new, younger love. He had been Maggie’s only boyfriend, and they had started dating at high school. Whilst she knew he had been with other girls, she had only ever loved him. They had been married for 11 years and had 3 beautiful daughters whom he adored, or so she had thought. So how could he have left so easily? Maggie was uncertain how to handle the situation.

A part of her wanted to refuse him easy access to the girls (was she trying to get revenge, she wondered?) but when she had tried that, she found that he was not forthcoming with money, and refused to make payments for her or the girls. Her husband had never allowed Maggie to work, and so now she felt totally dependent on him, even though he had left her for another. Maggie was confused and resentful, but wondered if she should try to win her husband back.

The more Maggie described her husband’s behaviors over the years, the more traits of Narcissism became apparent. When she learned about narcissistic behaviors, she agreed, and reflected on their relationship in the light of this new information. Maggie had been a beautiful woman and produced three beautiful looking daughters for him. He had insisted on her not working so that she would be grateful to him and not able to leave him due to her dependence. He was considerate of her as long as things went his way, but scornful and punishing if she expressed her own opinions or wishes.

She had learned early, to simply “go along” with him. Even now that he had left her for another person, she was meant to just “go along” with it, yet continue to raise his girls for him to visit whenever it suited him. Karen asked Maggie to clarify in her own mind, her greatest need. Maggie knew this was to have the security of a roof over her head for herself and her girls. Maggie planned how she could move on with her life but have him continue to provide a home for her and the children.

With education and rehearsal, Maggie learned to “manage” her narcissistic husband so that her own needs were met. Through learning about narcissism she understood that he had to behave in certain ways, in order to function. He needed the praise and appreciation of others to boost his self-esteem. Maggie had already worked out, but did not understand why, that if she criticized him or expressed anger at his decision to leave the family, he would punish her in the area in which she was most vulnerable – financially.

So Maggie thanked him for his payments, and not only invited him to their home but allowed him to see the girls at home whilst she went and stayed with a girlfriend, telling him that it was “his home, after all, as he had provided it for them” and so he deserved to stay there when he wished to have time with his children. Maggie even told him that she understood why he had left her – she was so absorbed with the girls that she had not loved him enough. Maggie later dated again and enjoyed another relationship which was deeper and more meaningful than the one she had ever shared with her former husband.

Whether you are a highly sensitive person like Gina, have an abusive partner and need to get out of your situation like Maggie, or are struggling with grief issues like Toby was, we have the training, tools, and resources YOU need!We created the Game of Intimacy program to provide those beginning their search for answers, those struggling to deal with difficult behavior, and everyone else who wants to make their relationships better with access to the very best the Internet has to offer.

Joining our community is like being able to sneak into our office and “steal” our knowledge and processes.

That is to say that inside you’ll find the “best of the best” – tools and resources that “over-deliver” instead of “under-deliver” and you’ll find contact information you can trust to provide you with the services you need to grow your relationships … FAST!

In almost all instances, you won’t have to go anywhere else! You will certainly acquire skills to help you ENJOY better relationships. That’s right, join GAME of INTIMACY and you’ll be able to SAVE MONEY while INCREASING THE QUALITY OF YOUR RELATIONSHIPS!

And what could possibly be better than that?

You’ve Stumbled Upon a Hidden Treasure Trove of the Internet’s Best Relationship Tips, Tools & Resources!

Look, trial and error is no way to try and build better relationships – chances are you’ll stumble long before you figure it all out.

If you are like most people experiencing relationship difficulties you don’t have the time to try tools and strategies that MAY OR MAY NOT deliver as promised.

Now, to succeed in your relationships, you need immediate access to resources that have been proven effective …

Resources that you can count on to lower your stress and boost your level of contentment and happiness.

Resources that will get you out of whatever rut you are in and allow you to take your relationship and your health to the next level and beyond.

Inside you’ll discover the absolute best training, resources and tools in areas that are vitally important to your relationships, areas like:

Plus, not only do we share with you our top resources and web articles but we also refer specific, talented and trusted associates for you to use (like Dr. Daniel Amen Clinics for Understanding Your Brain).


“Karen helped me get a hold on sensitivity.”

Please allow about 40 secs for the video to load.

“Karen helps a whole range of people.”

Please allow about 40 secs for the video to load.

Lisa Barron, Principal & Director

Genesis School For Special Education, Singapore

12 Modules – One Low Price…

The Game of Intimacy Coaching Program is delivered in 12 bite-sized training modules. This is the extended version of our Romance Your Soulmate program, with all training and supporting videos. Better still…

You don’t have to wait for us to drip feed out your classes week by week.

You get immediate access to the entire program so you can work at your own pace for the lifetime of this website. Here’s what you get:

Game of Intimacy Start Here: EmotionMatters Success Blueprint

The “EmotionMatters Success Blueprint” is your digital guide book (with worksheets) that leads you step-by-step to make your relationship work. This will be your “handbook” for the Game of Intimacy self-help coaching program. Download this PDF document and print it out so that it is readily on hand to revise each module to support your journey to emotional and relationship health.

MODULE 1: Identify The Power In You

This is where we start to identify the power in you! We are looking forward to listening to your feelings about your current situation. Tell us what have you tried so far to fix the problem. We show you the Brain Map to describe the fight/flight response and what negative emotions are. We use the brain map to describe the stress response felt in your body, the physical and psychological effects of stress and how sensitive people experience the world. Our goal here is to reveal where your power lies.

MODULE 2: You Make Me Feel So Bad

In this module we ask you to write down things that upset you the most in your current relationship. In identifying the problems areas, is there something you would like your partner to change? Is there something your partner would like you to change? We explore who’s to blame, your emotional style, and unresolved hurts. It’s important to recognize that pain accumulates and your brain remembers pain in the same way it does smell. We encourage you to tune into your physical sensations and provide you tools to deal with anger and anxiety.

MODULE 3: Get In The Mood

Getting in the mood to tackle your relationship issues can be exhausting. We like to put off the hard tasks and procrastinate, rather than take action to make things better. Let’s face it – sometimes it’s easier just to leave things as they are. In this module we guide you to explore the emotions you feel most often about your disengaged partner and the events that cause these emotions. We help you to explore your ‘inner voice’ – the voice in your head that sets you up to not deal with issues – and list ways in which you can unpack the negative jigsaw of emotions that is holding you back. We will also examine The Change Process to prepare you for the road ahead and teach you how to ‘flick-the-switch’ to move from your current mood to another more favorable to reengaging with your partner.

MODULE 4: Romance Your Soulmate Overview

This module gives you an introduction to the 5 STEPS in the ‘Romance Your Soulmate’ model (modules 5-9), which follow. You’ll be invited to complete the Intimacy Quadrant Quiz if you haven’t done that already to discover what “mate Type” you are in your relationship. Karen will detail the RYS model for you and ask you 3 questions you absolutely must ask yourself before you even start to set up your joint venture with your disengaged partner.

Flirting is all about revisiting your early passionate feelings for your partner and discovering, perhaps for the first time, what his or her ‘love language’ is. Discover how to love your partner in the way that is meaningful to him or her. Explore the 3 main reasons why relationships fail. Make sure you’re ready and willing to flirt with your partner all over again!

MODULE 6: Back To Our Place

Surprisingly, this is where to really start to communicate effectively with your partner! When you are ‘back at our place’ you are in secure, private and familiar surroundings where you can practise the skills required to ensure: (1) you are communicating the real issues that you would like to get over and (2) you are being heard by your partner. Now is the time when you can listen and validate your partner’s complaints and in turn have your hurts heard as well. We have tools specifically developed to help you do this.

Now is the time to look again at what brought you and your partner together in the first place – what was it that lit the flame of passion between you? Can this flame be restored? We introduce you to the ‘Relationship Cycle’ and the factors needing to be considered that are important to a relationship – factors that you need to know to be able to nurture your relationship.You will recognize communication differences between men and women and we describe sexual enhancers for males and females. We also have a refresher on the 7-steps to courting for those who need to start over.

Romance is all about recreating intimacy and there are many forms: emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual, recreational and sexual. Romance is about getting your sex life back on track – being sensual and sexual. It’s about caring and communicating – replacing the 6 deadly habits with the 6 caring habits. You will learn tips for reconnecting, why women withdraw sexually, and why one partner’s desire for sexual activity is often greater than the other.

Making a commitment is a choice – a daily decision. Every day you make a choice to recommit to the relationship. When a relationship has deteriorated and become dysfunctional, the partner seeking a re-connection is often forced to make a ‘no-lose’ decision to stay or go. Once made, that decision must be made known to the other partner and a commitment given not to revisit the past events. In this module we touch on issues to do with sexual and emotional infidelity. The key is not what you know, but what you COMMIT to do.

MODULE 10: Difficult People

Almost every family, every organization, has them – people whose behaviors impact on individuals and often ruin relationships. Perhaps there are people in your home or workplace with behaviors that upset you. On the other hand, you may recognize yourself in this module and start to realize how YOU drive other people crazy at work or at home. The module will explore surviving addiction, surviving alcohol addiction, confusing and incompatible personalities, people who blame and people who lack empathy, such as, narcissists.

MODULE 11: Recognizing Depression

Depression is not the same thing as sadness, and it is rare for normal sadness to lead to depression. Normal sadness happens when you experience a loss of something that is valuable to you (eg you break up with a partner or your favorite wallet is stolen). The normal human response is grief, which can be very intense (painful) and may last for weeks or even months. But there is eventually a resolution, and the sadness is replaced with elevated and less painful feelings as the grief is processed.

MODULE 12: How To Win In The Game of Intimacy

Winning in the Game of Intimacy is not for the faint hearted. Building a successful relationship takes hard work by both people involved. This module explores how not to take things personally, making a decision to trust, understanding and getting along with difficult people, managing conflict and how to close off all exits to just leaving the relationship.

Take It To The Next Level Coaching Program

Once at the end of the Game of Intimacy program, many members will want to explore opportunities for ongoing mentoring and support and greater in-depth training about emotions and emotional intelligence and the important role they play in building relationships. As a Game of Intimacy Coaching member we give you a significant discount to enrol in our next higher level program.

Plus Bonus Modules Included…

1. Infidelity – The Discovery: Discovering that there has been infidelity in your relationship – even just emotional infidelity, not necessarily involving sexual involvement – can be absolutely devastating. You might have noticed signs that things were not quite right. There may have been suspicions you had but you keep on pushing those suspicions to one side. Uncertainty is always stressful. But no matter how much emotional preparation you may have done, you get traumatized when infidelity is discovered.

2. Infidelity – Trauma Reaction: The traumatic reaction that a person will go through when they discover infidelity is initially shock and disbelief. The body experiences a pain that is so intense that you actually wonder if you will ever get over it. You will try and make sense of what has happened. As painful as it is for the betrayer to give information, it should be given freely as this will help the betrayed person to picture what happened and to settle down emotionally.

3. Infidelity – Should I Stay or Should I Go: A couple will discuss whether they should split up at this time. Karen will typically we say to them, “Don’t spilt up yet. Stay with the pain and at least get through the first six weeks.” Trauma takes about six weeks for the stress chemicals to leave your body and for your thinking to become clear enough to start to make a decision.

4. Infidelity – Delay The Decision: The intensity of feeling following a betrayal – this thought, this threat, this situation – doesn’t leave you. The intensity is so strong that many people will ask their partners to leave home after a discovery. Leaving home for a few days doesn’t mean the break up of a marriage or relationship – what it means is a time for things to settle and sometimes, being in separate locations for a few hours each day can be helpful – and you actually get a better sleep!

5. Suspicion – The Sand Castle: Rebuilding trust, when you’ve made a decision after betrayal to commit again to your relationship is to get on with it, to get back on track. Three ingredients are important for this: respect, trust, and intimacy. If one of these is missing your relationship will be a little bit wobbly. If two are missing, it starts to really feel as though things are going downhill. And if three ingredients are missing, then you will feel as though you don’t have a relationship at all.

6. Suspicion – Decision To Trust: In the work of rebuilding a relationship, two people have to do the work, even though one person feels the victim and one feels dreadful. If you have made the decision, “Yes, I will commit to this relationship”, then saying that means two people start doing the work. The betrayed partner will have suspicious thoughts all of the time and will be seeking reassurance. That’s just the way it is. If you wait to feel trusting without this work, it will never happen.

7. Suspicion – His Perspective: If it is the husband who is the betrayer, he will sometimes say, “I’m sick of you questioning me. I get upset when you keep asking me questions.” This feels to the wife like, “This means you’re cross that I asked this question and there must be something else you’ve got to hide”. This is a very difficult time for couples. It just isn’t easy for the one who has been betrayed to accept her partner’s perspective. She will still have her limbic responses again and again.

8. Suspicion – The Recovery: What helps long after the infidelity has been dealt with, and when the marriage or relationship is back on track and the topic does not get brought up anymore, is if the betrayer acknowledges every now and again that he or she hasn’t forgotten and that he or she appreciates the fact that the betrayed person doesn’t talk about it. Sometimes the decision is to split and it isn’t to restore the relationship and do the work. In each case, we say to couples, “You still need to resolve this issue and get rid of the pain of this issue – even if you don’t stay together – so that your emotional health is restored.” It is important to fully recover from the experience. This is especially important where children are involved in the relationship.

“You helped me so much during what I still think
was the most difficult time in my life”

I’m pretty sure you don’t remember me any more, but I got some counselling from you during a difficult time in my life back in November of 2008. By the time I read about you leaving Singapore, I was in a much better state. I would have to say though, that I lost a sense of security when I found out that you weren’t in the country anymore and I couldn’t turn to you for help if I needed it even if I didn’t have any ‘life dramas’ at the time.

A couple of months ago, I thought I could benefit from some counselling again due to some work issues I was having. I got some help from another therapist in Singapore, but I couldn’t help comparing her with you. It wasn’t fair to her, but I just didn’t find as much value in our session as I did when I got your help. I am still wanting some direction now, but I think I am still able to cope. I am hesitant to try another therapist, but maybe I will.

At this point, you may be wondering what my purpose is for sending this email. Let me get right to it:

I just wanted to let you know that you helped me so much during what I still think is the most difficult time in my life. I won’t say I couldn’t have done it without you, but I will say that the process took much shorter and I guess less painful because of your help and support.

I sincerely hope that you are doing really well back in Australia. I hope that many people are benefiting from your counselling because I think you are able to give some relief to so many people who desperately need it. Though I can’t come over to your office to get some counselling anymore, I am happy that I had the chance to do that when I really needed it, and that other people have the chance to do that now too.

I want to thank you sincerely for the help that you have given me, and I wish you all the best.

Are you ready for total concentration, total commitment and total attention so that your partner is more important than yourself?  Can you forget your ego, yourself, for that moment when you reconnect with your soulmate?

Game of Intimacy will help you engage in your partner totally.

“Joining Today Is Your Chance To Completely Bypass the Internet’s
Frustrating – and Not To Mention Expensive – Trial and Error Stage
and Put Yourself Directly on the Fast Track to Success with Two
World Recognized Emotion and Relationship Experts.”

So What ARE You Waiting For
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No doctor or hospital can protect you against the physical effects of stress in your body – But YOU CAN!

Want a proven science-based self-improvement system that will heal the cause, not just the symptoms, of your emotional and physical pain?

Game of Intimacy Coaching combines the power of hard copy DVD videos, audio CD and Transcript with the power of our discussion forums to build a restored sense of wellness and energy to do the things you just love to do and be the person you want to be!

12 HDB DVD/Audio Combo Pack

Announcing the brand new, 12 Part, Step By Step Video Course that shows you How To Handle Difficult People.

Finally, you too can use this easy to understand behavior blueprint to gain insight and education into several different personality styles and adults with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) … Starting Today!

Fortunately, we’ve figured out the most difficult people you will come across and provide extensive guidelines on how to handle them…so you don’t have to. We give you access to six content-packed videos that show you how to handle introverts versus extroverts, thinkers versus feelers, anxiety-based personalities, and the dreaded narcissists and sociopaths. Plus … you get six videos on how to identify, understand, and cope with Adult ADDs.

4 EBooks by Mike & Karen Gosling Plus 17 Other Free EBooks

Trauma of Betrayal Modules

Emotional Health Interviews

1 x 1-Hour Skype Consultation with Experienced Mentor Karen Gosling

EmotionMatters Resources Library

Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

You can literally test drive the Game of Intimacy Coaching Program with our no-brainer money back guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied this program is for you within 30 days, then simply contact us and get a full refund.

Chances are you’ll celebrate your decision to invest in Game of Intimacy Coaching just like our other members. If you can’t implement and get results from this program, then we don’t deserve your money anyway and we’ll happily refund your investment with us. And you get to keep the two physical DVD/CD/Transcript Combo Packs we send you.

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This is an electronic program with instant access to streaming video and audio files and downloadable pdf format fact sheets and e-books. You will ALSO receive 2 physical packages shipped to you in the mail. The entire ONLINE part of the package will be immediately available for you to access online and get started right away after joining. You will receive access to e-books by clicking the “EBooks Download” links in the Member Library section. This program is NOT available in stores, so you can only access it through this website.

Upon confirmation of your order, you will immediately be redirected to a ‘Member Login’ page to log in to the web site as well as access the free bonuses. If you have a high speed internet connection, access usually take less than a minute. The EmotionMatters fact sheets, e-book downloads and free bonuses will be in PDF format, so you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open the files. Most computers already have Adobe Reader installed, but if you don’t currently have it, a free download is available from


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