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Dear Fellow Craftsperson:

Just imagine making your very own custom blend soap – what an amazing feeling! And so much fun too!

You pop a finished batch out of the mold and carefully section it.

Unless, of course, you have proper

You look closely over each piece – studying its uniqueness. Enjoying the enticing aroma and raw beauty of your creation until you’re certain each bar deserves your “Seal of Approval”.

And whether you are soaping for your family and friends or for profit, your reaction is the same…

A triumphant wave of personal satisfaction brings on a little happy dance and a grin from ear-to-ear. You have created something useful AND unique. A custom-made soap that is far better than anything found on a store shelf!

Congratulations! You are a Master Soap Maker!

For many people, soap making is addictive. I got hooked a few years ago. There was a story on TV about possible health risks from the additives in store-bought soap. I began searching for healthy alternatives for my family – ones that didn’t cost an arm and leg for each bar!

A friend suggested I try making my own soap. Always eager to learn something new, I started looking into it. From reading book after book and spending hours on the Internet, I grew more excited every day. My mind was filled with ideas about special oil blends, unique scents, using attractive add-ins to create personalized soaps for people to enjoy…

After all that time and information, I still didn’t feel ready to make that first batch. A list of “do’s and don’ts” and countless pages of printed out instructions, but still so much seemed unclear.

And making each batch takes time and money, so “trial and error” was not the way I wanted to go.

Being a “big picture” person didn’t help either. It’s easier to understand the directions and follow each step correctly when I see where it fits in the overall process. And while it sure doesn’t have to be complicated, soaping does have several stages…

If you don’t already know, soap making is fascinating. There’s nothing else like it. Chemistry in action with squeaky clean results.

Take a few select items from nature and mix them up just right and you get to watch a chemical reaction that causes the ingredients to turn into designer-quality, great smelling, skin nourishing soap.

Once the batch is ready (called reaching “trace”), pour it into a mold, and let it cure.

And you’ve created art with a purpose – and it’s good for you too!

You can customize it and personalize it to your heart’s content. Stick with the basics or add more steps – it’s entirely up to you. Just imagine all the ways you can put your special touch on each and every batch.

And that’s what it’s all about…

Making exactly what you want. Whether you feel like creating an additive-free soap, soap with a particular color or scent, or you want to express your creativity (and make money doing something you love) by starting your very own line of custom bath products, it’s easy – once you know the basics…

So there I was, filled with ideas, ready to express my inner artist with lathering masterpieces, but I was stumbling over the fundamentals.

Saponification, trace, cure, gel phase, superfatting… You have to get these down before you can really let your creativity flow. I still had a full-time job, so my time was limited. And I wanted to be up and running yesterday.

I got through it though, learning a little bit more each day. So many questions came up when I compared what I read to what I was experiencing. Things didn’t look exactly as I imagined from reading the text described and having pictures was helpful, but nothing showed me everything from start to finish. Still I kept at it, determined to get the process down cold.

Any failed batch cost me time and money, but I kept telling myself I was learning something new. My self-confidence grew every time it turned out right. And slowly I started experimenting with new ingredients, more complex recipes, and interesting molds…

Without having someone there to walk me through the soap making process, many things took far longer than I had planned, but eventually I “got it”. Now I create incredible-smelling, creative, and unique soaps that people can’t seem to get enough of. It’s exciting to be “in demand”.

Even in the beginning, when I was unsure of what I was doing, I enjoyed it all. Yes, I wanted to blow passed the newbie stage and get to creating my own recipes and making high-dollar designer soaps, but every step along the way was fun.

So much so, that I wanted to share it with everyone. Surprisingly, I found that even though my family and friends got excited about my soap, not everyone wanted to talk about making it. I still don’t understand that! 😉

There are lots of people on the Internet though who share my passion. And I wanted to connect with them. Next thing you know, I’ve got a website, a newsletter, and a bunch of people eager to hear what I have to say about soap making. Man, was I jazzed!

These fellow crafters started asking me questions about soap making. And I saw many of the same ones time and again. Things like…

It was easy to see that people had the same questions and doubts about soap making that I had when I was starting out.

So, I kept answering the those questions and sharing my experiences over and over again. And I began to wonder what the heck was going on.

Until I realized that what most of us need is someone to hold your hand and guide you through the process. Sure, you can read instructions and look at a couple of random pics, but if you are an audio or visual learner (like me), nothing beats seeing and hearing someone walk through the steps one-by-one.

Makes perfect sense, so my next thought was, “I’m going to bring the joy of soap making to the masses.” And no way was I using some crumby homemade footage with garbled audio and bad lightening… No amateur flip cam recording is going to tarnish my good name!

If I am going to help people and spread the soap making word, it’s going to be a first-rate video with high-quality lighting and crystal clear sound.

So, I lined up a professional videographer with studio level equipment and started mapping out the shoot…

And, then I started outlining a script and figuring out how everything was going to flow. It became clear that it would be best for the viewer if two people walked them through the process – teaching and interacting along the way…

So, I began my search to find the perfect teacher.

And, I mean the very best one I could find. It wasn’t enough for the video to look and sound great, it had to provide comprehensive information and easy-to-follow instruction from a professional-level soapmaker.

In fact, when I first started looking for someone to work with, I ruffled quite a few soapmakers’ feathers. Several of them were pretty miffed when they found out there was a screening process if they were interested in being in the video.

Hey, I can’t help that. Last thing I needed was an overgrown ego on the set. My focus is always on you and giving you everything you need to be a Soapmaking Whiz. A lot of people claim to be a so-called “expert” because they’ve bought some info on the Internet, rehashed it, and sold it online, so I needed to be certain I had the real deal.

Then I talked with Master Soapmaker Alec Whitehouse and I knew my quest had ended. Alec was not only happy to answer my questions, but his explanations are straightforward and easy to understand. Better still, he instantly saw my vision and jumped right on board.

And Alec has definitely earned the title of Master Soapmaker – He’s been making soap (and running a soapmaking business) for over 10 years and has only had one failed batch! Pretty darn impressive, huh!

By the end of our first talk, Alec was as excited as I was about making the video!

Over the next few weeks, I had worked up an outline – to be sure to cover all of the important points.

Next, we chose a soap recipe that worked well for beginners. It clearly demonstrates the fundamental steps, so viewers can quickly and easily master the basics.

In this video, you’ll see and hear for yourself what Alex does every step of the way. You’ll easily understand the essential parts of soapmaking. Once you’ve mastered this process, even the most complex recipes become easier. And that’s true even if this is your very first batch!

And the recipe isn’t for some throw away batch. The formula makes a fragrant, appealing, and top-of-the-line soap that is every bit as good as what you’ll find in any of those high-end bath and body shops in the mall!

The last thing to do was setting the stage, so we agreed upon a time and date for the videographer to come and had everything in its place the day before…

And the shoot went off without a hitch! We wound up with plenty of great footage. Then my editor and I took our time to make it just perfect!

OK, I realize this isn’t a multi-million dollar action flick, or the latest release from some big name celebrity, but this is so near and dear to my heart that it might as well be. Helping others discover how truly easy and fun Soapmaking can be is an important mission to me.

In deciding what needed to be included, besides the responses I’d been sending out over and over again, I surveyed over 620 new soapmakers to get their most frequently asked questions.
And they’re all answered in this video. In fact, you’ll hear me ask Alec several of them directly and he answers each of them in detail in this visual step-by-step guide. There’s nothing left to chance.

In just 53 minutes, the video shows you:

And it doesn’t stop there…

You’ll be seeing and hearing all of this (and more) for yourself. No more trying to figure it all out by flipping through a book or studying a few pictures. You are in on the action!

“I will
have a lot of success and fun making my soap”

“The video that I got from J was
very well done and very professional.  J and Mr. Whitehouse
made it very easy to follow all the instructions on how to make soap.
 It was fun seeing these two men work together on making soap.

 I learned a lot watching the .  I know I will
have a lot of success and fun making my soap so I thank J a lot for
sharing this lesson in soap making.

Thank you so much, J. “


South Carolina, US

Soap Making Fun: Your Visual Guide to the Cold Process launched to rave reviews and incredible sales. (You can read comments from just a few happy soapers below.) And I was proud to say that it was the FIRST and ONLY step-by-step downloadable video on soap making available online.

But, it wasn’t long before some Internet Marketers heard about the video’s success and thought they could grab some fast cash. And almost overnight, there were a couple of copycats out there. So, I bought their products to see them for myself. Boy, was I disgusted by what I found…

Cheap copycats that were everything I worked hard to avoid – bad video, poor lighting, muffled sound, and no explanations – just a camera in a corner, watching from a distance while a self-professed “expert” made a random batch of soap. While I haven’t checked lately, given how bad it all was, I doubt they are still out there. While I can’t say for certain this is still the only visual guide out there, I can confidently say that it is the very best soap making resource around!

In fact, here is a short clip so you can see it for yourself! The quality of this clip isn’t nearly as good as the one you’ll download, but at least you can get some idea of what I mean…

Thing is, she is a bottom line person and I am a man on a mission. Not that covering my costs isn’t important, but that’s not my main reason for doing this. Sure she’s right, but it’s more important to me to help as many people as possible take the mystery and frustration out of soap making and just have lots of fun! And, in this economy, you can even use soap making to supplement your income.

One thing she said that I knew was true was that the Soap Making Fun: The Cold Process Starter Manual needed to be included with the video. This printable guide not only provides you written directions from the video (so you don’t have to be scribbling down notes), it helps you learn faster, and includes additional information like:

That’s right, go ahead – kick the tires, look under the hood, and fire up this baby.

You can take it out on the road and get a feel for how well it runs. And know that you are doing all of this with ZERO RISK!

That’s right! You can watch the Cold Process Soap Making Guide as often as you like for the next 60-days! And once you’ve tried it out, if for any reason, you don’t like the program – feel free to contact me for a “No Questions Asked” refund.

I’m promising you it is that good! Or I would never be selling it in the first place! In fact, at the end of this page, you see just a few of the incredible testimonials from people already bought the Cold Process Video Package.

You are putting your faith in me to give you all of the secrets behind successful soap making.

Whether you are soaping for fun or for profit, I’m doing everything in my power to over deliver! So, I’ve added three great bonuses!

Listen in, as Alec Whitehouse (the master soapmaker from the Cold Process Visual Guide Package) spends an entire 15 minutes sharing even more wisdom and insights. Alec uncovers:

Easily make custom scent blends that make your soaps as unique as you are! No more guessing or wondering how much scent to add and which oils blend to make the blend the best.

Never needlessly waste a batch again. On the off chance that something does go wrong, reference this handy guide and you’ll know exactly what to do to avoid that problem. And find out if your batch can be salvaged or not! And reference the handy dandy saponification guide in the back! No more wondering if you have the right mixture. All the information you need to get your batch right every time!

You don’t have to waste your precious time, energy, and resources to learn the art of soap making the hard way. In just 53 minutes you can achieve soap making mastery and save yourself countless hours of trial and error. Get started making soap today and have your first batch ready in no time at all!

Acclaimed Soap Making Course

YES ~ J, I want in! Please let me have Soap Making Fun: Your Visual Guide to the Cold Process, the Cold Process Starter Manual, and 3 Bonuses NOW!

I want to use your
Proven Soap Making Course to:

Have your credit card handy and click the orange “Add To Cart” button below to access “your soap making video” right now…

To Years of Soap Making Fun,

P.S. – Express your creativity, save money, and help your family avoid the potential hazardous additives in commercial soaps!

P.P.S – Remember, I stand behind my work – try it for a full 60 days and if you don’t find Soap Making Fun worth every penny, then I’ll return your investment – NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

P.P.P.S – This isn’t just for fun. This video can be the launching pad for a very lucrative process, but you have to start somewhere. And this video, starter manual, and all the bonuses give you an A+ foundation!

P.P.P.P.S – Rest assured that anyone can download this. The entire package is viewable in Apple Quicktime & Adobe Acrobat (which are free and work on PC!)

turned out

am very happy that I purchased
my soap making video.
 The video was great, I could actually see all the
steps on how to make soap.

If anyone is interested in cold
process (CP) soapmaking, I HIGHLY
recommend this video.  It’s a great teaching tool.  I
was in search of a
“How To” video on soapmaking for several months but it seemed as if
were out there.  I was desperate so I continued to search. I
came across the “Soap Making Fun” website and it was as if I hit the
jackpot.  All the answers to my silent questions were there
the video.  I purchased the video, took notes, watched the
video again
and made a wonderful batch of Patchouli & Herb soap.
 It turned
perfectly!!!!!!  It was all because of the video.  It
teaches you more
than how to make soap but gives you great tips, explains soap
terminology, and what was really important for me, was safety measures
while working with sodium hydroxide.

If you’ve never made soap before
but you’re interested and not sure how
or what to do, this video will give you everything you need to know to
make a sucessful batch of soap.  It’s the best soap investment
I’ve made
because without it I would still have to purchase soap/detergent bars
from the store.  This way, I get to choose what goes in my
soap and on
my body!!!!!


Pennsylvania, US

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“It is excellent…”

“Hi J,

Just to let you know I was able to download all the material you
emailed me. It is excellent.  I will be studying the technique
shown and
then go onto making my first batch soon.

The kitchen shown in the video is very similar to the work area I will
be in here at home.
 With this valuable source of information at my fingertips, I
believe I
can only grow in confidence more in this very ancient craft of making

J, I have to commend you on a very professional, easy to
presentation.  Well Done Lads.  I wish you well in
all your Soaper endeavors.

Thank you very much.”



also made working with lye

“I am very happy that I purchased
my soap making video.
 The video was great, I could actually see all the
steps on how to make soap.

The soap making video helped me
recognize the proper
tracing process and it also made working with lye
easy!  I was nervous about working with lye and I read
so many articles, but nothing gave me a good visually
and a better understanding than my soap making video.
 I followed some basic precautionary steps, shown in
the video and it guided me right through.

Definitely money well spent!

Thank you!”


New Jersey, US

insightful questions along the way.”

“The Cold Process Soap Guide
Video is a great tool. The video demonstrated all steps in the cold
process and answered insightful questions along the way.”


Texas, US

“…it was
worth about a million words.”

really liked the video and
it was worth about a million words. I too am a visual learner and
seeing the process helped firm things up in my mind.”


North Carolina, US

couldn’t have done it without your video!”

“Hi Jon.

We made our
first batch of soap the other night, and the bars came out great! We
couldn’t have done it without your video! The two books we’d previously
read helped, but we were still afraid to try soap making until we
watched your video. I wish we’d found your video before buying the
books – we would have saved quite a bit of money!

Thanks! “


Colorado, US

“You broke it all down in easy to understand terms…”

“Hi Mr. Martin,
Just writing to let you know that I found the cp video I purchased, viewed it and was so pleased with what I saw and heard. You broke it all down in easy to understand terms and watching the demonstration helps me have a little more confidence in trying the Cold Process for the very first time. Thank you for the video and I look forward to making my first batch.

Frederica W.

New York, US

“The video I found here was perfect…”

“Hi there
Just wanted you to know how I found your video on soap making. I had decided to do something about the soaps we were using in my family. I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter with very sensitive skin. After many trips to the pediatrician and a ton of half used creams, lotions and soaps. I decided to make my own soap. All the chemicals for commercial soaps and even the natural ones irritated her skin dreadfully. So I began my internet search on how to make soap. The video I found here was perfect. Clear step by step info. And what trace looks like! I have not had a bad batch of soap ever. (I watched the video before I started!) Also the video eased my mind about how to use lye.
Thank-you for this very useful video.”

Dottie G.

Florida, US

“I have recommended your video on my website…”

“Hi J,

I just finished viewing your video, Soap Making Fun Your Visual Guide to the Cold Process with soap maker, Alec Whitehouse. I think it is an excellent video on cold process soap making. I teach classes on how to make your own natural skin and body care products. I have recommended your video on my website, and will recommend it in my classes. I would have loved to have had your video when I was learning to make soap. Thanks for this great product. “

Joan Morais, Soap Making Class Instructor


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