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Why can you be short, old, overweight and broke…and still have 92% of the women at any “social function” begging you to take them home?

Whenever men and women interact…..

And so by definition, tension between a man and woman is…..

Tension is that “electric feeling” you get whenever you’re talking to a girl and all of a sudden there’s dead silence…

Or the “arousal” you feel when you accidentally get too close to a woman and your bodies touch for a brief moment…

It’s a feeling that makes you think…

I’m a man, she’s a woman… and us having sex right now is totally natural

Come on, I’m sure you’ve noticed that sexual tension is always “bubbling” just beneath the surface of even your most “polite” conversations with women…

It happens automatically…. and this is actually a really good thing…

Did you know that girls get this exact same feeling of TENSION when talking to YOU?

Yep! When you first meet a woman she feels butterflies, “thinks about sex” and gets HORNY just like us

In fact, all throughout history, society has secretly tried to keep men and women separated for this very reason

Some cultures even forbid men and women from interacting without a chaperone who can break things up if they sense any “sexual chemistry” brewing

And even at bars here in America, a group of women will instantly drag their friend away away if they notice her feeling “tension” for a random guy (we’ve all witnessed this)

In other words, WOMEN have always known what you didn’t until just now

That sexual tension is…

It makes long-legged models lose control and sleep with guys a foot shorter…

And girls who rejected you in the past, appear on your doorstep at 2am just to “hang out”

It’s the reason you can walk down any street and see stunningly beautiful women on the arms of “totally average guys” …. guys like us

In fact, sexual tension is such a powerful FORCE… that it often leads to complete strangers having SEX in less than 5 minutes… (as my students and I will happily confirm)

Hey Brother, it’s Chris “Sixty” Andersen…

and although I’ve already helped thousands of guys around the world start dating the women of their dreams…you may be wondering what all of this has to do with your situation

Well, because sexual tension between men and women is just a FACT of human nature… it also means that most women are already “programmed” to be attracted to you…

And here’s the BEST part…

This means that wherever you go (…like the bookstore, your favorite coffee shop, or even any BAR)

…92% of the women there will secretly be thinking about sleeping with you

And if you want to get them into bed tonight, it’s a lot easier than you think….

When you meet a woman who you feel a spark with…

Well, most likely you’ve been lied to about what really creates sexual tension.

Think about the idea of social TENSION for a second

How do people break a tense moment?

By talking…laughing… joking… or changing the subject

Now if the tension is “bad” (like say… an awkward moment at work) then talking or laughing is a pretty good idea if you want to get rid of it.

But what if the tension is “good”

What If It’s Sexual Tension?

… where a woman is feeling compelled to imagine what it would be like to unbutton your pants and feel your manhood in her warn fingers…

Ever get that feeling when you’re gazing into a woman’s eyes… and she licks her lips… and you start imagining what it would be like to kiss her…

It’s so HOT, that you start feeling a bit HORNY…and she’s getting turned on as well…

Because if she doesn’t either make out with you or leave…she’s going to be creaming in her panties very soon…

And if a friend’s not there to drag her away….she’s going to end up naked in your bed tonight

Unless You Make This Deadly Mistake

Now what do most “pickup gurus” tell you to do when you get a girl to this point?

They say “Tell a story… tell a joke… get her laughing… tease her… be cocky-funny bro.”

That’s like taking her raging FIRE of attraction…

And DUMPING A COLD BUCKET OF WATER on it to extinguish the flames.

Notice how comfortable she looks after you break the tension with a joke?

Yep, she’s laughing and having a lot of fun… and now she’s also miles away from having sex with you.

You were actually closer to having sex with her when you first met and made seductive eye-contact…

Let me tell you straight up…

Any girl you’ve gotten a “sexy look” from in conversation, where you were getting turned on… and she looked like she was getting turned on…

You Could Have Slept With Her

But instead… you tried to think of something clever to say, or you came up with a lame joke… or you changed the subject…

Yep, you RELEASED all of that “sexual tension” and her attraction for you disappeared…

And THIS IS WHY You Haven’t Been Getting LAID!

If you were honest with yourself I think you’d agree that tension is a feeling that for most of your life you’ve tried to “hide away” or “diffuse” because it makes you so uncomfortable…

Now, some of the mistakes you’ve been making are subtle (and others more obvious) but the bottom line is, if I observed you talking to any woman…

I could easily point out a dozen ways you were absolutely RUINING the sexual tension and DESTROYING your chances with HER…

Unfortunately this is the WORST thing you can do…

because letting women think you’re uncomfortable with “sexual tension” is a huge TURN OFF

In fact, a woman’s brain is actually hard-wired to view guys who can handle tension as “good looking”… while men who can’t are “beta males”

Worse yet, it’s almost impossible to get sexual with her once you make this mistake……because being uncomfortable with “sexual tension” makes her think…

And because a woman is never going to be attracted to a man who can handle less tension than she can…

the moment this thought enters her mind, her natural female instincts literally FORCE her to REJECT YOU

At that point, it’s out of her control – nature has taken over.

Sure, she’ll give you excuses like “I’m busy this weekend” or “I’m just not ready to date anyone right now” (most likely she’ll just ignore your texts)…

but the REAL reason was because you broke the TENSION

It doesn’t seem quite fair, especially if you don’t even realize the things you’ve been doing wrong to DESTROY your chances with women

But there is some good news…

Remember, anytime people feel TENSION… they always look for a way to release it (Just like sad people get relief by crying and someone who’s angry can feel better after a workout)

And when you get a girl feeling HORNY… she desperately craves a RELEASE!

However… if you NEVER “give in” and break the tension, what type of release do you think she’s going to WANT from YOU?

Yep, you guessed it…… SEXUAL RELEASE

Hey, this isn’t exactly rocket science.

If you can just get her thinking about sex long enough, she will basically have “NO OTHER CHOICE” but to relieve her tension…..

The BIG mistake you’ve been making your whole life is that you’ve been releasing all of that natural tension before she gets to the critical “Point of No Return” (…more on this in a second)

But don’t worry, those days are officially over…

Now, obviously I can’t come to your town and follow you around pointing out (and then fixing) all the ways you are KILLING the sexual tension with the girls you like.

So I came up with a much easier way….

A way to point out all the BIG… and the small mistakes you’re making (most of them are so subtle guys could never figure them out on your own)

And then teach you how to easily correct them in minutes

Now, how would you like me to reveal ALL OF THIS… so you can go out tonight and have any woman you want begging you to take her home

Hey, I wouldn’t blame you if you had some doubts. I did too…

A few months ago I couldn’t get a girl to look at me, let alone get her NAKED

But I have a little secret.

Well, it’s more like a secret weapon…

And I haven’t told anybody about THIS SECRET until right now…

“Automatic Seduction” is a simple three-step system any man can use, because it leverages the natural process that have caused men and women to hookup for thousands of years…

Most pickup strategies focus on lines or tactics…but when you use “Automatic Seduction” you will attract beautiful women without having to say or do anything… (hey, I told you this was easy)

In fact, Automatic Seduction is so simple, that any man can use these 3 steps to get women  starting tonight

Step 1: FIND the beautiful women who are already programmed to want you

Step 2: AMPLIFY the sexual tension to the point where you can get her alone

Step 3: AROUSE women to the Point of No Return where it’s harder for her NOT to bang you

You Also Get My Step by Step Instructions, Real World Examples, Plus Everything You’ll Ever Need To Get Her Back To Your Place

This past weekend I went home with a 22-year old girl. And this weekend I was opened by six very hot women, one of which was trying to get me drunk so that we could go home together. I gotta say, thank you! Best system out there for those thinking whether to buy or not.”

Hey, Chris. I purchased your Automatic Seduction System a few weeks ago. Last weekend I finally went out again and did 4 approaches. Anyway, to cut a long story short, I made out with 2 girls and banged one of them in the bathroom at the club. That’s the first time I’ve ever done that! Totally due to your method! ”

I finished the book and immediately decided I wanted to put it to the test with my ex-girlfriend (who is now seeing someone else) I only said 10 words and 1 hour later I was in her bed. It was fun because I didn’t have to do anything. Automatic Seduction works.

And that’s just a tiny sample of the thousands of success stories I’ve gotten from my satisfied students raving about this program. From guys having their “first time” to others landing that one girl they’ve always wanted… anything is possible for you.

So yeah, for the past year I’ve been pretty content charging hundreds of dollars for access to my private system (and my students will tell you it’s worth every penny)

But, I know how important this is to you and the millions of other guys who could use this method to change their situation with women forever.

So, the last thing I want is for you to have to pay full price…

Hey Chris, you’re the man! I met a new girl a few days ago and just got back from spending the night at her place. I’ve adopted your style very nicely and I’m meeting up with another girl later tonight. I can see how using this system can get out of hand fast!”

Because I want you to send me emails like this, bragging about all the success you’re having…

Your investment for the Full 4 Modules of the Automatic Seduction System today will be just…

You checkout in the next 5 minutes….and get an additional 33% off

Then for acting fast, you’ll get the complete Auto-Seduction System, plus all the Bonuses for just…

But I can’t give you the 82% discount and Bonuses, unless you order now… I want to reward guys who take “fast action”

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I want to make 100% sure there is no way you will not succeed. That’s why I’m going to also give you a free trial to my personal coaching program: The Seducers Mastermind Club (optional)

You’ll get a 10 week audio training course you can listen to anytime on your phone. 6 months of insider video you can use to eliminate any of your remaining sticking points. Special Player Reports. The Seducers Private Library, including of my latest techniques. Plus many more bonuses inside the private members area.

My guarantee is simple. Just download the program and try out my method one time. If you’re not meeting more women and having more sex than you’ve ever had in your life… you can get a complete, fast, no hassle refund. That means you either get more women attracted to you starting today or you pay nothing.

You donʼt even need to have a reason. And that means you will have seen everything for FREE. That’s how confident I am that this really works. Remember, you get a full eight weeks to try out this material without risk. I can’t get any more fair than that.

…The next time you guys are hanging out and there’s a pause in the conversation. And you start to feel that sexual tension we’ve been talking about starting to build.

But this time instead of ruining the moment… you know exactly how to respond. The right facial expression to make.

You even have the perfect comeback in case she decides to test you.

And you know exactly when to make your move.

But more importantly, you now know the right move to make.

And this time, instead of her leaving, she decides to spend the night. So that when you wake up with her quietly sleeping next to you, all you can think is… “wow that was so easy”

If you’ve already broken the tension with the girl you want, I believe you can still turn things around –  but your window of opportunity is closing fast. And your next mistake could be your last. That’s why I urge you to take action and click the “add to cart” button right now

Remember, I’ve already done the hard work of testing this on the hottest women from all over the world…

And saved you from years of rejection, humiliation and struggling to figure this out on your own.

There’s a very fine line between “Being SEXY” and “Coming off CREEPY”… so it’s absolutely CRUCIAL to learn the “correct way” to use Automatic Seduction (or it could backfire)

And that’s why I’ve created a simple step-by-step system that “any guy”can use to start seeing results in just a few minutes (even if he’s tried all that “other stuff” and failed)

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When it comes to “success with women” you really only have two choices.

The “hard way” and the easy way.

If you choose the “hard way” you can leave here today without getting Automatic Seduction and continue doing what you’ve done in the past …and never make any progress.

You can continue to struggle and feel frustrated, wondering why nothing you try ever works, no matter how much money you spend.

Remember, even the best intended “pickup” techniques like “teasing girls” or “trying to be funny” still give women a RELEASE from sexual tension…

And THIS is the REAL REASON why you haven’t been successful…

And it’s NOT YOUR FAULT, because the same tactics they told you would “attract women”…were the very same tactics that were driving them away

And it would actually be kinda funny, if it didn’t cost you 10-12 attractive women a year that had already decided to sleep with you

Or… you choose the easy way and finally discover “the simple secret” to not breaking the sexual tension that you already have

And… start attracting all of the women you want AUTOMATICALLY

The choice is easy. Automatic Seduction is the “simple solution” you’ve been searching for your entire life

And that’s why I absolutely URGE you to take action and click the “Order Now” Button to get your 82% Discount before this offer ends

Can you just imagine if our buddy Vince left this page without clicking the button that changed his life forever…

Automatic Seduction teaches you the simplest and most effective way to get women into bed. Its like playing with guns and then all of sudden you learn how to build an Atom Bomb. This book is that good

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P.S. I think there’s a reason you found this page today. And although I do believe things can happen for a reason… it’s still up to you to “make it happen”. Remember, this offer will not last much longer and the next time you come by this page will likely be gone. And then you won’t be able to get your hands on Automatic Seduction at any price. So I urge you to take action now while you still can.

P.P.S. And of course, everything is backed by my No-Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee so all the risk is on me. It’s time to do what thousands of guys around the world have already done and Click the “Order Now” Button to get started. Thanks, and I’ll see you on the other side.

Hey, join the cub. I’m not that handsome either. Automatic Seduction is not about looking good, it’s about creating emotions in women. And when you use “sexual tension” you will create strong feelings of desire in all the women you meet

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Because all of the techniques in Automatic Seduction are “invisible to women” you will never have to worry about being rejected again. This system is totally discreet. In fact, no one (man or woman) will be able to tell what you are doing. It’s perfect for using on your female friends or the sexy women you see as you go about your day

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