Seduction Devil | The Ultimate Pick Up Artist’s Toolbox!

Product Name: Seduction Devil | The Ultimate Pick Up Artist’s Toolbox!


“Discover These
Devilish Seduction Methods Guaranteed To Attract More Sexy & Beautiful Women To
You Than You Can Handle In A Single Lifetime!”

Get Ready To Score More 10’s Than
Even The Most
Seasoned Pick-Up Artists In The Game…

Welcome to a world
where you become the top prize on every woman’s fantasy list…  A place
where you’ll discover the “seduction secrets”
that all men desire… Secrets that will get you all the girls you want… no
matter how you look, how old you are, or how much money you have!

It doesn’t even matter if you’re
shy, nervous, or just plain ol’ afraid of even talking to beautiful women!

Because all that’s about to change

Today you can
start to apply
the “little-known” skills, know-how and techniques of:

How to approach any
woman, with total confidence and charm, and show her that you’re the kind
of guy she desperately wants to date!

How to easily rig
the dating game so that SHE starts chasing you! (This is
something very few men know how to do… and now you can be
one of them!)

once and for all why all the jerks and “bad
boys” get the women!  And, their secret you must
start using to draw hot women to you
like moths to a flame!

How to use just the right
words, at just the right times, so that women will immediately drop their
defences, fears, and prejudices, and want you to seduce them!

How to use
TWO power strategies that will immediately
differentiate you from all the other men out there… so
that the women will see you as the most
desirable, most attractive man that they want!

How to
hypnotically build instant rapport
with women and start to form a bond with them that will make them completely
comfortable and at ease around you. (The more comfortable they are around
you, the further they will want to “explore” with you.)

Use a fiendishly simple
technique that will cause her to be strongly attracted
to you within just a matter of minutes! (We call this the ‘Sex Trigger’ and
you’d better be ready when you use it)

How to
develop instant self confidence and walk up
to any woman you desire and easily start a conversation with them.

Learn to develop, and use,
a beguiling sense of humour to make women irresistible to you.

And that’s just the beginning
of what you’ll discover here!

This special
library of field tested strategies and seduction methods are going to change
your life…  And what you’re about to uncover today
will shock you! I’m not kidding. You’ll discover knowledge that has
been kept secret from you, and from other men, for generations! (It’s the very
reason most men feel so powerless over beautiful women, and are complete
failures in the dating game).

These manuals will change all
that by revealing these closely-guarded secrets — so that you can have
your power back! (And if you’re already pretty good with women, you’ll
uncover lots of quick, hot tips to up your game and become even better at seducing them!)

I can’t even begin to describe how
powerfully these secrets can affect your life! And you can find it all
here, in our special collection of frank and exciting guides… (These are for a
mature audience and have been created to guarantee you rapid results – They are
not for the feint hearted)

In Manual #1 – Now, YOU can be the
confident, charming, seductive man that women just won’t be able to get enough

You see…
I don’t know how you would imagine enjoying all this knowledge.
I don’t know if you could picture having the kind of hot, sexy, and
amazing women that most people only dream about…I don’t know if you
could visualize your social life AND your sex life reaching new
heights of pleasure and satisfaction, starting with the next few weeks
and getting better and better all the time!

And I
certainly couldn’t imagine the profound sense of confidence, power,
and admiration… you’d enjoy everywhere you go.

Can you
handle the curious, naughty looks from girls every time they see you
with a beautiful woman in your arms? Can you handle the envious and even
jealous looks from other guys as they pull their hair out trying to
figure out just what the heck you have that they don’t?

And… can
you handle that feeling of just knowing that you never ever have to
worry about getting dates again? Never having to spend lonely nights
without a lovely woman by your side? Never having to explain to others
why you’re still not in a happy, fulfilling relationship with a
beautiful woman?

You are
just minutes away from having the knowledge that can turn you into such
a man – with beautiful women who suddenly want to be with you!

As you
imagine all those ways your life can become better right now, why
not grab your copy of this powerful library and start creating the sparks
and explosions in your social life as well as in your sex life. You
already know it’s what you really want, and what you really deserve!

Listen… nobody
teaches men how to “seduce” women. Not your dad, not your friends, not even your
teachers or doctors, or anyone else around you. It’s because they don’t know how
it’s done either. If they did, they’d all have beautiful women around them all
the time. The proof is right in front of your eyes.

So, when you get this
little-known knowledge in your hands, you’ll definitely be a hot
commodity that everyone will want to be around!

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And next my friend
we’re going to take things to an entirely different level and enter a world
that most men will never get to experience….

“How To Seduce Some
Of The Hottest, Most Desired, And Most Elusive Women Of All:
STRIPPERS (aka Exotic Dancers)

Now you can easily and confidently do
what most men will never dare!

Now it is possible…the secret is
out! And you can get the first ‘private and discreet’ peek into
this material…

Whether you’ve ever fantasized
about bedding (or dating) a stunning stripper… or you’re just curious if
something like that is even possible… or maybe you’ve even tried to pick a
stripper up and got nowhere… or heck… maybe you’re just tired of the
bullshit that regular women give you, even if they don’t have the looks or

Finally… you can discover the
powerful, field-tested secrets that will have your friends envious, the
women confused, and other guys jealous… secrets that can give you the power to
turn the tables on these elusive beauties called ‘strippers’… and walk home
with one of them the very same night that you meet them.  OR… just enjoy
learning secrets that a very small group of guys are using to pull such an
impossible feat off! 😉

Now, you can easily learn
the “little-known” skills, know-how and tactics of…

How to walk into a strip
club, and within 30 minutes, seduce a gorgeous stripper, and walk out with
her holding on to your arm… and change the way others will view you,
forever! (Plus, do it all without ever spending a penny of your

How to bypass her most common
excuse that she feeds every other guy in the room… “Sorry
sweetie, but I don’t date customers”… and show her that you’re the
kind of guy she would want to date (or go out and have fun

How to completely shut
down her “stripper talk” by showing her that you are an “insider”…
that you are “in on the secret”…and get her to treat you
differently than the rest of the chumps in the club!

How to cleverly
show her that you are the “stripper boyfriend” type and
that, unlike most guys, you can handle dating a woman
like her!

Learn little-known
secrets about where to sit and how to project attractiveness that
will get the stripper to approach you first, instead of the
other guys. (I’ll also reveal what never to do or say… or
you will walk out of there empty-handed, like the rest of the guys.)

How to avoid
the regular, boring topics and instead get her to ‘open
up’ and even compel her to start proving to you
that she’s worthy of your time. (This is something
strippers will never care to do with other guys.)

And that’s just a partial list of the secrets you’ll discover here!

BUT… before I share any other
secrets with you, let me address the ‘giant gorilla’ in the room…

You may be wondering, or even
skeptical, about how I know all this stuff…or how I’m able to pull off
something that most guys don’t even believe is possible…

No, I didn’t “stumble upon” these
secrets by accident one day… I didn’t read about it or watch some lame
documentary on TV about it. None of that B.S.

You see, I started dating a
beautiful 22-year old before she decided to become a stripper! I saw
everything she went through (the good and bad) during her journey to becoming an
upscale, highly-paid stripper.

During this time, I met all her
stripper friends and had intimate conversations with them and learned stuff that
they would only share with a close friend. (I’m still good friends with – and
have dated – many of them.)

But more importantly, I also met
and hung out with some of the most successful “insiders” in this business,
through my girlfriends. And, being quite skilled at the art of persuasion, I was
able to befriend and learn a lot of ‘secrets’ from these individuals.

Look, I’ll be completely honest
with you… I will not share
‘everything’ with you that I have learned from these individuals. Because some
of that stuff could frighten you, or even get you in serious trouble if you
found out. I’m completely serious here. (Besides, that’s not what this report is

But, here’s what I will
share with you…

I will show you how to prepare
yourself, both mentally and tactically, before you ever walk into a strip club
and interact with a stripper…so you can improve your success rate

And, I will show you exactly how
to disarm all of her tactics that she uses on all the guys, so that you
can get to intrigue, attract, and seduce her out of the club that very same

And you don’t have to be rich,
successful, nor look like a movie star to make this stuff work for you.
(Although, you may need to make some wardrobe and style adjustments,
depending on where you are on the scale right now. Nothing crazy or expensive…
just presentable in the way that the dancers will find attractive.)

Be the only
man among your friends, and possibly even in your entire city, that can have
some of the hottest women eating out of your hands!

The secrets revealed
in this powerful manual will help you join a very small group of men who have
this power… and they can use it whenever they want, to walk out of a strip
club with their pick of the hottest dancers inside.

With this knowledge at your
fingertips, you will change the way others look at you…you will even
change how you look at yourself!  Don’t waste a
minute longer grab your copy today

Time For
Some Straight Talk

Look, I don’t want to turn
this into some ‘used car salesman’ sales pitch… so I won’t…

All I can tell you is
this… Life’s too short. And
death comes way too fast, when you least expect it. We see that all
around us. That’s nothing to be sad or depressed about. It’s just the
truth. It’s just “life.”

Before you know it, this
year will be over. And the next, and the next… So, you might as well
“grab the bull by the horns” as they say (or the stripper by the tail
😉 and have some freakin fun!

That’s what life is really
about, isn’t it?

We’ve all got enough
“rules” and stresses and responsibilities in life. Those darned things
won’t go away.  So, you might as well
enjoy life while you still can… while you’re still alive and young (or
at least young enough to enjoy some wild nights in the bedroom.)

That’s my philosophy

If you’re
ready to take your life, and pleasure, to the next level… a level that
most guys wouldn’t even dare think about… if you’re ready to become
fearless, confident, and enjoy the company of some of the hottest and
most desired women of them all, you will find yourself enjoying every
page of this report!

Get it now and give
yourself the unfair advantage over strippers – and over
every other man out there!

But we’ve not finished yet because
I’m also including my level 3 manual, a guide that reveals the expert pick-up
(PU) artists most skilful strategies… and show you how to supercharge your sex life beyond belief…

Surely, bedding bisexual
beauties is only reserved for movie stars, rappers, and professional

Hey, I don’t blame you for
being a little skeptical of the bold claims I’ve made above.   Heck, even women who
want to explore their bisexual side don’t reveal their secret
fantasies to most men. Not even to their boyfriends and husbands!
(Studies show that almost every woman has had a bisexual fantasy
at least once in their lives.)

But the problem isn’t
caused by a lack of willing female participants, or the secrets they

No… the real problem is,
most men have no idea how to communicate and connect with these women.
The average guy doesn’t know what to do or say to persuade these women
into willingly sharing their bisexual side with him.

Finally, a very small
group of smart ‘seduction experts’ have cracked the code.  They have figured out
exactly what to say, and do, to get women to open up about one of
the most private areas of their lives… bisexual fantasies!

These guys are able to
persuade a woman into willingly letting them explore her bisexual side,
and even enjoy having threesomes…or more…with other women.

And, now, this
code and these incredible ultimate player strategies can be yours…

At last, you can learn
what this small group of experts have figured out, through hundreds of
hours of field testing and research. Secrets like these…

major mistakes men make when dealing with bisexual and bi-curious
women that actually push the women further away from them.

most men get nowhere when approaching the subject of threesomes with
women they’ve just met or even women they’ve had a long-term
relationship with.

main reason why most men will never be able to convince a woman to
have a threesome – even if the woman is ready and willing to

to present yourself as the kind of man she will want to
explore with. What you will learn here will set you apart from the
rest of the guys, making you look like ‘the prize’ in her eyes.

to show bisexual women that you understand their unique, and
sometimes difficult, life and social position. This will really get
you “in” and will also give you a true appreciation for bi-sexual

to get bi-curious women to want to choose you as the first
man that they explore a threesome with… and how to make it an
experience that she will truly enjoy, without any regrets.

How to get one bisexual woman to
willingly attract other bisexual women into your ‘pleasure
circle’ so you can both continue to enjoy ‘new adventures’ all the

And that’s just a
partial list of the secrets you’re about to discover!

This is weapons
grade pick up strategy and whether you’ve ever
fantasized about being with more than one woman at the same time…or
even if you’re just curious to see what these experts have
discovered…which most guys will never know…

Now, you can discover the
powerful, field-tested secrets that will have your friends
envious, the women mesmerised, and your condom supplier shocked!

I will show you how to
prepare yourself, both mentally and tactically, before you ever talk to
these women… so that you can have them eating out of your hands… and
get to enjoy threesomes (or more) whenever you want!

And, no, you don’t have to
be a celebrity or super rich to pull this off.  Just read this powerful
guide, and start using the strategies and tactics I share in it… Now, you
can be a part of the small group of men who can get women to willingly
share one of their most guarded secret fantasies: being with other

field-tested, and proven, secrets revealed will take you from ‘seduction
expert’ to ‘seduction god’ and help supercharge your sex life beyond anything you could have
imagined… you’ll experience the kind of sexual adventures most guys only
dream about.

You will also
learn how to get your bisexual conquests to happily go out and find
more bisexual women for the two of you to enjoy, and add to your
pleasure circle…

You’ll be surprised at
just how simple and easy these secrets are to learn and apply, so
you can really become part of that ‘small’ group of men who have made
threesomes a part of their regular lives

But You Don’t Have To
Believe A Word Of This Yet…

Look, I realize that all
this can be somewhat hard to believe. Especially when most men can’t
even convince one woman to sleep with them.  I realize that no matter
how hard I try, some people just won’t believe that enjoying threesomes
can be this simple… unless they see these secrets for

So if you’re
even the tiniest bit interested (or curious) about learning these
closely-guarded secrets that can get women to explore their bisexual
fantasies with you, then you really owe it to yourself to find out
what’s revealed in the book.

I am
confident that you will find yourself enjoying every page of this
guide…and maybe even laughing at how simple some of the tactics really

Get started now –
Remember you’ll receive all three of our guides today for just one great value
price, and
start making all the other guys wonder about how you’re doing it!
They’ll wonder why women are flocking to you, and bringing in more
women, to join in the fun! 

But the thing
is I wouldn’t want you to enter into any situation without first being fully
armed with some serious, ahem… Skills – So that’s why as part of this
incredible feast of information you will also receive a very special bonus…

Powerful & Shocking Secrets
That Can Give YOU The Ability To Make Any Woman Explode With
Orgasmic Pleasure – Almost On Command!

enter a situation without the right ammo is my philosophy so to give you an edge
like no other here are some “little-known” skills, know-how & techniques of…

How to ‘prime’ and
totally awaken a woman’s body so that she can start having more
powerful orgasms, more frequently, and more easily!

How to give your
lover the most amazing, mind-blowing orgasm she’s ever
had! (This is not the ‘same-ol’ repetitive information that
you see in those other sex-ed books and courses.)

How to use a
secret technique that will have her trembling with
exquisite pleasure whenever you want – almost on
command! This is a power that few men have!

secrets about a woman’s orgasm “process” that
most women don’t even know about. (I realize
this is hard to believe, especially for a woman, but
it’s absolutely true…and it’s life-changing
knowledge for both men and women.)

How to find, and
properly stimulate her G-spot, to create out-of-this-world,
trance-inducing orgasms. (Many women can’t find their G-spot
on their own. And out of those who can, very few know how to
‘activate’ it to create powerful “whole body”
orgasms. You can be the hero, the one man that can help her
realize her full orgasmic potential !)

to master the most important piece of it
all…getting a woman to completely relax her
body and mind! Without it, most women just can’t
have an orgasm at all, even if they’re trying by
themselves. Learn easy but powerful
techniques to get her body and mind
completely ready for explosive, multiple

Discover the one
secret – about how her body really works – that will open up the
floodgates of pleasure for her! (Most women don’t even understand
this one fully…and it holds them back from experiencing the kind
of orgasm they were truly meant to have – and really deserve!)

to turn her on beyond belief, with just the
power of your words! (Most women are more
eager and ready for sex than men will ever
understand. Now you’ll know exactly what to say
to have her attacking you.)

And that’s just a partial list of the secrets
inside this shocking bonus guide!

“Become A Master
Of Female Orgasms” will make you the best she’s ever had!
So much so that she will tell her friends about you and your amazingly,
rare and exquisite skills!

It doesn’t matter how good
you are right now. These secrets will take you to the next

I can’t even begin to
describe how powerfully this knowledge can affect your life, and
especially hers! And, it’s all revealed in this exciting bonus manual…

A Master of Female Orgasms!

(For Mature Audience Only)

Be the
only man in her life that can take her to heights of sexual ecstasy
and bliss unlike anything she’s ever experienced before!

The secrets
revealed in this powerful manual will help you join a very small group
of men who can make a woman melt with their touch – and even with their

You will be
knowledgeable, creative, confident and secure in knowing that
you can completely satisfy women in a way no other lover
possibly can!

You’re About To Take A Straight Shot To The ‘Moon’

With the secrets
you discover here, you will be one of those rare guys who
will be able to pleasure and satisfy a woman unlike any other
man ever has – or probably ever will. It will turn you
into a “rare commodity.” It will make women flock to you. They
will talk to their friends about you.

And, listen…coz
here’s the best part…

Women, who are
completely and deeply satisfied in this way, will walk
through fire to make sure that you too receive as
much pleasure as they can possibly give you. They will do
everything in their power to make you just as satisfied and
happy as they are!

And let me tell
you right now… that is a level of pleasure and satisfaction that
few men know about. You’re about to
become one of those men…

I don’t know if
you could picture your lover trembling with exquisite
pleasure and utter sexual satisfaction, unable to even get up
and walk immediately after experiencing a “whole body” orgasm…

And I certainly
couldn’t imagine the profound sense of pleasure, admiration
and confidence…you’d enjoy both inside and outside the bedroom.

But before you get
on your way to acquiring this kind of raw power, I have to
caution you…

WARNING:  Because of this
new-found power and skill that you will soon have, you must be
very careful about the women you choose to share this experience

When you’re able
to satisfy a woman so completely, on such a deep level, they
will not want to let you go! They will do everything in
their power to keep you!

Women will bond
with you very strongly when you start satisfying them in this
way. Sex goes beyond just a physical release for most women,
especially when they experience powerful orgasms in the process.

This type of
experience is life-changing. Those are the exact words of many
women who have been lucky enough to experience this level of

So, be very choosy
about who you choose to share this powerful knowledge with. Coz
I don’t want you blaming me if you end up with a “stalker” on
your hands. 😉

You can be reading
all the secrets right now… within minutes! Just
order the Seduction Library today and get this eye popping, guide today 100%

you’re ready to take women to new heights of pleasure and
ecstasy… if you’re ready to become a fearless, confident, and
world-class lover that will completely satisfy your
partner, like never before, you will find yourself enjoying
every page of this special bonus book!

Get the complete
collection now and
give yourself the unfair advantage over every other man
out there!

I’ll Take All The Risk So YOU Don’t Have To!

I’ll make this
really simple for you…

You either love
these special reports… or they won’t cost you a penny!

I’ll take all the
risk. Get your ‘Seduction Devil’ library now and go through each incredible
guide. Try out all the techniques and ideas and see for yourself how this
material can turn you into a legend… 

If, for any reason
(or for no reason at all,) you decide these books haven’t met
your exact needs, simply let me know within the next 60 days and
you’ll get a complete refund of your purchase price.
There will be no questions asked, and no hassles.

You see, I believe
that giving you the chance to personally experience what these
astonishing reports offer is simply the best way to “prove to
you” what you may be missing out on. I have
yet to meet the man (or woman) who can resist
enjoying the secrets revealed here.

I honestly believe
you’re going to love your new lifestyle. So, please… don’t pass up this
ridiculously generous offer… you may never get
an opportunity to have these manuals in your hands again at this
low price.

You can be reading
this all the secrets right now… within minutes! Just
use the link below to order, safely, discretely and completely
risk free…

Oh…one last
thing…I will continue to update these reports with more great tips and
techniques as I find better and better strategies. When you order right now, you
will also continue to get all the new information I add to this book in
the future, absolutely free!

And don’t forget,
this special low price, and free updates, will not be available forever. As I
add more secrets to this book, the price will continue to go up!
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