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Social anxiety keeps you from doing all those things and it is ruining your life.

Not only this but every time it’s your time to talk, you feel as if you made a fool out of yourself and that everybody is judging you harshly after the fact. 

Your anxiety is still there and the more things you try that end up not working, the more you feel hopeless that you will never be able to find a solution to this problem.

Being awkward, blushing and acting weird because of your social anxiety is a dead give away that you are super nervous behind the image you try to portray.

In my past, I’ve had some friends (although very few) but I was plagued by my anxiety when I was around them and could never seem to shake it off…

I was trying to portray an image of being calm and normal when I was around others, but under the surface, I was suffocating under my crippling anxiety…

I reached a point where my social anxiety problem got so bad that I could only get out of my house if I had lots of alcohol beforehand…

As you can imagine, this brought on a whole new slew of problems, like severe depression.

At one point I even started contemplating suicide because I just couldn’t seem to find a way out of this hell and just felt increasingly hopeless about my situation.

Many of you might be in a similar situation and feel as if you are going to be stuck like this for the rest of your days… But nothing could be further from the truth!

Over the years, I have accumulated hundreds and hundreds of hours of studying social anxiety and shyness and how it worked in the body and mind.

… and many others.

✅ Found out what works and most importantly, what doesn’t work.

What would YOU do if social anxiety did not control your life anymore?!

Every day, I am grateful for having learned the solution to social anxiety… It completely changed my life and it can absolutely do the same for you.

If results like these seem “out of your reach” at the moment, I totally understand… Keep reading until the end because I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

This happens because you experienced negative social experiences in your past that caused you to feel deep emotional pain.

And our brain isn’t very good at making the difference between PHYSICAL pain and EMOTIONAL pain…

All that it see’s is that what those negative social experiences hurt you tremendously…

But counter to what most people think, these negative social experiences only STARTED the problem… something else is keeping your social anxiety alive.

Most “experts” on this subject will tell you that your past experiences are the sole reason why you have social anxiety today, but that’s only half of the story.

The main reason why you have social anxiety today is because of one thing and one thing only: Control Behaviours!

And once you understand control behaviors, everything starts to make sense. 

1. Did you ever make up a fake excuse to avoid doing something social?

2. Do you sometimes take a different route to get to your destination because the fastest one might make you bump into someone you know or is more crowded?

3. Do you sometimes not answer the phone when it’s ringing because you feel anxious talking on the phone?

4. Do you stay inside all day because it’s more comfortable even though you would like to get out?

5. Do you avoid public places?

6. Do sometimes get to a store, see that there is a lot of people and decide to turn back because it was too crowded?

7. Do you avoid talking as much as possible out of fear of saying something stupid? Or better yet, talk TOO MUCH because you don’t want people to think you are shy and anxious?

8. At work or at school, do you have lunch on your own to avoid having to sit with people and talk? 

9. When walking down the street and see a group of people coming your way, do you cross the street in order to avoid them?

10. Did you ever pretend to be on the phone with someone in order to avoid talking to people?

These are just a few examples of what control behaviors are…

I could continue listing some for ages but the important thing to understand is this:

Control behaviors make us feel good in the short term, but make our social anxiety worse in the long term.

You see, when you successfully avoid feeling social anxiety, your brain thinks that the control behavior saved you from experiencing another negative social event and this only makes you feel MORE social anxiety next time you are faced with the same social situation.

This level was created for people that are housebound and suffer from an extreme level of social anxiety. I found it very important to incorporate challenges for people at this stage since I was once there and finding ways to start challenging myself was nearly impossible.

This level is for people that are already able to get out of the house, but that get extremely nervous whenever to go to a public place or have to talk to people. The challenges in this level will be for most people suffering from social anxiety.

Plus, the “newbie” challenges are geared towards helping people that are housebound or that suffer from very severe social anxiety. You get a list of 30 challenges that are on “easy mode” to help you push your comfort zone.

This made it especially difficult for me to even contemplate the idea that social anxiety and shyness could be overcome…

But the truth is that most of the other programs I had gone through were making some illogical promises (like that I could overcome my SA in the comfort of my own home… or that simply changing my thinking was going to make my social anxiety disappear forever.)

I have made extensive research and have interviewed many people that used to be shy and uber socially awkward and turned their life completely around and the one key ingredient that ALL of these people had in common (including me) was that they engaged in some form/type of exposure therapy.

That is why my program focuses on giving people the tools to start expanding their comfort zones.

Plus, the “relaxation response” chapter is all about showing you how to stop making social anxiety feel so bad…

I’ll show you how to transform “crippling anxiety” (the one you feel now in social situations, the one that feels excruciating), and transform it into “vital anxiety” (which is a much softer form of anxiety, where the discomfort is GREATLY reduced so that exposure stops feeling so bad). On the other hand, if you are ready for a bigger challenge, the “normal” level and “mission impossible” level will get the job done.

Some of the “mission impossible” challenges still raise my anxiety level substantially even to this day.

It is THE go-to remedy for people all around the world who want to overcome their fear of something. Whether it be snakes, heights, needles or social situations, if you want to overcome your fear of it, some type of exposure will have to be done.

That’s why I made my program as easy and as simple as possible to do. It is a total beginner’s guide to help people that have no idea of how to start their journey to social freedom and get them to take the first few small steps to get the ball rolling in the right direction.

Done right, exposure produces results like no other form of therapy available. It’s the #1 solution to social anxiety but I see too many people confused about how to go about doing it.

My program takes this complicated process and makes it extremely easy and simple to do.

Don’t believe anybody that tells you that you cannot overcome your shyness and social anxiety… they don’t know what they are talking about! If I can do it… trust me, you can do it too!

There is absolutely no reason why you cannot overcome this… Too many myths in society today (like that social anxiety is a personality trait or that it is genetic), give us the illusion that social anxiety and shyness is “incurable”…

But myths like these only help make us become less and less engaged in our recovery (if we think nothing can be done, then we will probably just throw in the towel).

I can show you exactly why and how your problem came about and in doing so, you will see that the real reason’s you have social anxiety have nothing to do with genetics or personality traits… It has everything to do with how you REACT to the anxiety when it shows up.


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