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Product Name: Sugar Detox Made Easy | The simplest way to burn fat


The first thing you will notice during your first sugar detox is some weight loss.

I lost 18 pounds during my first “Sugar Detox Made Easy” program, mostly from the butt, hips and waist – which is right where I wanted to lose the weight. My goal wasn’t even to slim down at first, but I’m really pleased with finally losing some weight that I’ve been gaining since high school, and this was from the first trial of the program. There’s more to come.

Sugar gives you energy, right? That’s not true. Over the long term, it saps away your energy.

After a sugar detox program, I felt twice as energetic as usual. That means I can work twice as hard – or enjoy my downtime twice as much! Plus, I’ve seen an unexpected improvement in agility as well, probably because I’ve been able to exercise more. Being healthy makes it easier to stay healthy, I’ve found.

Sugar is a known contributor to skin conditions and bad skin. When you try a sugar detox, you’ll notice your skin clearing up.

I’ve always had good skin, but I noticed that I was looking more youthful and glowing more brightly after getting the sugar out of my system. My aunt even commented about it at Christmas. It’s such a great compliment to be told that you have a beautiful skin – because it means you’re beautiful all the way through.

Whether it’s bloating, gas or nausea that troubles you, your stomach will feel better than ever when you kick the sugar habit. Having a troubled tummy doesn’t have to be the norm.

I had always experienced some slight discomfort and a little bloating after eating a meal, but that’s gone now. I didn’t have it during the detox, and I still don’t.

When you avoid foods that cause inflammatory reactions, you feel better in so many ways.

I’ve just completed the 21st day «Sugar Detox Made Easy» program and have lost 26.5 pounds. My purpose in starting this diet wasn’t to lose weight, but I’m glad it’s happening anyway. I desperately needed to lose weight, so I started it to regain control of my life. I was feeling bad and had no energy. I felt like I was in a dense fog morning, noon, and night. I hurt all over, because I was always congested, and I couldn’t sleep.

To say the least, I’m stunned by how much changed in just the first week to 10 days. The brain fog lifted first and hasn’t come back, then the pain in my hips, back and neck started to go. I could breathe more easily because my sinuses started to open. And I was finally able to get some good sleep. I don’t have any way to check my blood sugar, but it’s surely down. I know that my blood pressure dropped about 25 points – and I needed that.

By the way, the food is great. You don’t have to exactly follow the recipes as long as you follow the general idea and use the food lists to plan your meals. There’s plenty of options to choose from!

«I’ve been on a “paleo” diet for years – up and down. Until I read this book and did my first sugar detox, I didn’t realize just how much of a sugar addict I am – or was. I was totally blind to the fact that sugar was damaging my body and causing me to always regain any weight I lost. The sweetness was like a crutch or a friend. This diet is better than a low-fat diet, better than paleo – better than anything else I’ve tried.

Simply put, I’m in love now – with this concise and affordable sugar detox program. I like all the different levels and how those of us who simply can’t handle paleo can do this. I’ve helped a number of friends get started on the “SDME” program.

I am also surprised that I really like the recipes. My family seems to like them too – even though they aren’t doing the detox at the moment. (I hope they will.) I’m sleeping better than ever before, my skin problems are getting better and my appetite is much more under control. And I’ve only been doing it for a few days this time around. Imagine how much better I’ll get each time I do the detox.»

I’ve done my first two sugar detox rounds using the program outlines in SDME, and I’m honestly amazed. This compact book isn’t just well-designed and beautifully photographed, it actually works as it says it will. I like that I can carry this little volume in my bag and remind myself whenever I want of what sugar does to a body and how I should be eating and thinking.

I guess I always knew I should be eating better, but I didn’t know HOW I should be eating. SDME has opened my eyes to a new world of food and eating behavior and patterns. I’m developing a mindfulness related to food that I never had before. I’ve already recommended this book and its program to five or six people. I seem to mention it to everyone I see now.

Let me get directly to the point: I love, love this book. I absolutely love what it has to say. I’ve been attempting to eat healthy for two decades – at least some of the time, but I never really knew how to eat right. I tried the paleo plan in August, but it never seemed right to me. I tried the low-fat diet that was so popular a few years ago, but it just seemed like a fad to me. I’ve always been addicted to sugar – I knew that – because I grew up on sweetened cereal and bread with every meal. So I’ve had some challenges changing over to a real food diet, and this book has helped me make the transition. Every recipe is good, and the pictures made each one seem appealing. I just started seriously on the food plan and am rereading the background info. There’s a lot here about how our bodies react to and reject sugar. I’m already feeling great about my decision and feeling physically better. I can’t thank you enough.

There’s no gimmick or trickery going on with this program – just real people getting real results.

You won’t need to stock your medicine cabinet to complete this program – just your fridge!

Try «Sugar Detox Made Easy» for a full 60 days RISK-FREE with our 100% Money-Back Guarantee

The «Sugar Detox Made Easy» is here for you.

The “Sugar Detox Made Easy” program came into my life in early 2016. I had been doing clean eating for 7 or 8 months and was feeling better, but things still weren’t right. I knew I needed to be doing more. By mid-February, I had completed my first sugar detox, something I’ve done 3 more times since then. The difference in energy, concentration, and overall feeling of wellbeing is astounding.

The info is beautifully presented, well-written, and interesting to read and consider. It focuses on how carbs – and sugar in particular – impact our bodies, what these compounds do to our bodies and how stress interacts with sugar and carbs to cause hormonal disturbances and so many other negative consequences. And then there are recipes – lots of them – that show how to eat well without eating so much sugar.

I can tell you this: You won’t feel cheated, deprived, or lacking once you’re rid of your nagging sugar cravings. You’ll have clearer skin, sleep better, and no longer have to deal with energy slumps every afternoon. Plus, you’ll have less bloating, less pressure, and less hunger at all hours. And you’ll start to appreciate food and how it can work for you instead of against you.

If you’re not sure what to do next to get off that plateau and feel better than ever, try the diet book that really works instead of another one that won’t. Get off the roller coaster for good and give SDME a try. You owe yourself this!

Using Sugar Detox Made Easy, I lost 14 pounds in 10 days and a total of 22 pounds over the first 30 days. It’s now been 50 days, and I have lost 32 pounds, almost my entire first goal. In addition, I feel better, healthier, and more energetic. I should have done this years ago.

I was just a little skeptical that this program wouldn’t work because I’m over 50 and set in my ways. I’m also a naturally big-framed man, over 6 feet tall. I weighed 312 when I started on this. That’s about 115 pounds more than I should, but I never wanted to get all the way down to 200. I just wanted to lose enough to get back where I was in my 30s and 40s. Now, I’m wondering if I can’t do better than that since the program is easier to follow than I was expecting.

I don’t even want sugar and fat anymore. The inflammation in my knees is gone, I often sleep all the way through the night, and I don’t have to take medicine for indigestion anymore. I’m more patient and even more kind, I think. My wife has noticed the difference. I just feel better – and I’m still getting even better.

I think SDME is the right tool for me and is changing my approach to eating by appealing to my brain and my sense of self-worth. The fact that I’m feeling better all the time is my motivation to keep going.

Good luck to you as you move along on your journey to health! Using Sugar Detox Made Easy is my path to a better life, and I believe it will work for you. I certainly recommend it.

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