The 7 Finest Resistance Band Workouts for Constructing Larger, Higher Glutes

Glute coaching has the curiosity of your entire lifting area — and with good motive. Whether or not you’re seeking to spherical out your peach, enhance your hip drive, or simply transfer to really feel higher, tacking on some glute-specific work is best for you. 

You’re going to wish to discover the easiest way to coach your butt, however efficient glute coaching takes many types. It begins so simple as body weight workouts and progresses to utilizing heavy barbells and machines. However you don’t want heavy weights to focus on your glutes to the max. All you want is a few resistance bands.

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Resistance band coaching is intimately tied to the glutes. You’ll discover resistance band glute workouts anyplace from group health lessons to powerlifting warm-ups. To get absolutely the most out of your butt-based resistance band work, listed below are the seven finest resistance band workouts for the glutes.

7 Finest Resistance Band Workouts for the Glutes

Resistance Band Lateral Stroll
Resistance Band Hip Abductions
Resistance Band Air Squats
Resistance Band Glute Bridge
Resistance Band Glute Kickback
Resistance Band Romanian Deadlift
Resistance Band Good Morning

1. Resistance Band Lateral Stroll

First up is your resistance band lateral stroll. Utilizing a resistance band round your ankles or knees is an effective way to cue some pressure into your glutes. As you’re taking your strides, you’ll expertise fixed strain to forestall the band from shoving your limbs towards your midline. 

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This pressure makes the resistance band lateral stroll a implausible warm-up instrument. Count on to catch an excellent glute pump that makes your subsequent few glute workouts much more efficient. With improved proprioception from the added butt blood move, workouts resembling hinges or glute bridges get loads simpler to coordinate.

The right way to Do It

Wrap a resistance band round your ankles or thighs. In the event you wrap on the ankles, select a lighter band.
Set your ft hip-width aside and barely hinge over, retaining your ribcage and pelvis stacked.
Set a light-weight core brace and start stepping to the suitable along with your proper leg. Make every stride as extensive as attainable with out collapsing your left leg inward.
Deliver your proper foot again to the beginning place at round a hip-width stance. Proceed for repetitions, finishing the identical quantity of reps on the alternative facet.

2. Resistance Band Hip Abductions

The resistance band hip abduction is one other technique to heat up your decrease physique for future workouts and even develop some candy glute features all by itself. Hip abduction is the act of splaying your knees aside. On this case, you’ll be shifting towards resistance. Your gluteus medius (the higher and outer a part of your butt) lights up while you do that.

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Goal to rep out some fairly excessive numbers right here to chase an enormous glute pump. Much like the lateral walks, the resistance band hip abduction makes for an exquisite warm-up for nearly any decrease physique purpose. Another method to make use of the resistance band hip abduction is as a part of a superset or glute circuit to complete off your day.

The right way to Do It

Wrap a resistance band round your thighs.
Place your ft hip-width aside from a seated place or whereas in a standing squat. Maintain onto an anchor level if you happen to select to squat.
Beginning along with your knees pointed straight forward, start shoving them out concurrently towards the resistance band.
Return to your beginning place and proceed for reps. Use a managed eccentric for even higher outcomes.

three. Resistance Band Air Squats

The air squat is a straightforward body weight train that makes it accessible with none gear. In the event you’re struggling along with your squatting sample, retaining your body weight balanced throughout your foot, or just “don’t really feel” the glutes, including a resistance band is for you. 

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Utilizing a resistance band doesn’t magically add tonnage to the execution of your squat itself, nevertheless it helps refine your approach. The resistance band assists you in reaching the proper place to correctly hit the glutes as you squat. As a substitute of being too toe heavy or overemphasizing your quadriceps, the resistance band encourages you into the perfect spot.

The right way to Do It

Take your regular squat stance with a resistance band wrapped round your thighs.
Ensure to maintain your ribcage and pelvis stacked. Keep braced.
Carry out a standard physique weight squat to not less than parallel depth.
Preserve your knees from collapsing as you carry out every squat by sustaining fixed glute pressure.

four. Resistance Band Glute Bridge

The glute bridge is a tremendous option to isolate your butt all by itself. Nonetheless, it’s widespread to wrestle with place or connecting along with your glutes. On this case, you doubtless really feel your quadriceps or hamstrings burning greater than you’d like.

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Making use of a resistance band as soon as once more enhances the effectiveness of your glute bridge by higher aligning your approach. Whereas resisting the band and retaining fixed pressure in your hips, anticipate an enormous glute burn by staying within the pocket with correct glute bridge execution.

The right way to Do It

Lie in your again along with your legs bent to roughly 45 levels. Preserve your ft flat on the ground.
With a resistance band round your thighs, brace your core and drive your legs out.
Press by way of your full foot and squeeze your glutes till full lockout. Repeat for repetitions.

5. Resistance Band Glute Kickback

The resistance band glute kickback is a superb instrument to significantly work your bottom while you’re trying to find some single-leg choices. The place comparable single-leg butt workouts like donkey kicks, clam shells, or leg lifts would possibly usually be good alternate options, they’re a lot tougher to successfully do with a band. 

The kickback itself makes use of the size of your leg to make even the smallest resistance really feel a lot tougher. The band additionally will get progressively tougher the extra you stretch it. Collectively, which means every rep receives a double whammy of a problem as you progress by way of the total vary of movement.

The right way to Do It

Wrap a band round your ankles. Alternatively, seize a resistance tube with handles. Stand on the tubing along with your ft hip-width stance and maintain the handles cosy in every hand.
Preserve a slight hinge and a stable core brace and hold your working leg with a slight bend within the knee.
Place your weight on one leg and hover the opposite within the air. Whereas sustaining a straight leg, flex your glute to maneuver the leg away out of your physique at an approximate 45-degree angle.
Carry out for 12 to 15 repetitions earlier than swapping sides to repeat.

6. Resistance Band Romanian Deadlift

The resistance band Romanian deadlift provides a twin risk for features. You should use the band by itself or as an adjunct to make a free-weight Romanian deadlift much more difficult. This makes the resistance band Romanian deadlift an choice for each instructing the approach or just blasting your glutes into orbit. 

The hip hinge is a key participant for glute features, and the resistance band Romanian deadlift serves as a essential train for simply that. 

The right way to Do It

There are two choices right here.

Choice 1 – Glute Features

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Seize a resistance tube with handles and assume a hip-width stance. Stand lifeless heart on the band and grip the handles tightly.
From the standing place, slowly slide your hips again right into a hinge. While you really feel a stretch throughout the glutes, you’ve reached full vary.
Brace and stand again up by squeezing your glutes. Repeat for repetitions.

Choice 2 – Studying to Hinge

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Wrap a medium-strength mini band round two anchor factors. Align the band such that it’s horizontal and at a peak that sits properly at your hip crease.
Stroll ahead into the band to create resistance. It is best to be capable of stand tall regardless of the band urgent into your hips however actively have to brace.
Utilizing gentle dumbbells or a dowel in your arms, brace and permit the bands to assist slide your hips again into a correct hinge.
Flex your glutes and stand tall as soon as once more, driving by way of the resistance of the bands. Repeat for repetitions.

7. Resistance Band Good Morning

One other nice resistance band glute train is the nice morning. The nice morning is a hip hinge similar to your Romanian deadlift, however the size of your torso and placement of the resistance produces way more problem with much less load. This makes the resistance band good morning an ideal instrument for touring or coaching at house.

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On condition that the hip hinge is considered one of your strongest choices for glute coaching, having a couple of tips up your sleeve is nice for any event.

The right way to Do It

Wrap a protracted resistance band round your ft utilizing a hip-width stance. The other facet needs to be looped across the again of your neck or shoulders to create a full circle.
Maintain the resistance band on both facet of your shoulders to forestall slipping. Slowly slide your hips again right into a hinge.
Sustaining a robust brace and impartial torso, hinge till you’re feeling a deep stretch within the glutes. Don’t let go of the band or lose your brace.
Get up by squeezing your glutes. Repeat for repetitions.

Why Resistance Bands Are Efficient

In a great world, you’ll at all times have the perfect instrument for the job. However typically, the perfect instrument is what you even have out there. Resistance bands are light-weight, cellular, and comparatively cheap. This makes them ultimate for practically any coaching atmosphere or situation, a real “in case of emergency” and “on a regular basis” piece of apparatus.

Resistance bands additionally present a non-linear problem. As you stretch on the band, it offers better levels of elastic pressure. Machines, free weights, and body weight workouts provide their particular patterns of resistance, however bands are constantly more difficult as you close to the tip of a spread of movement.

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Except for direct resistance, bands are extraordinarily helpful for serving to to refine positioning in robust lifts. Squats, hinges, glute bridges, or any variety of your favourite glute workouts are tough to coordinate at first. Not solely do bands assist present direct stimulation for development, however additionally they assist you determine precisely find out how to execute your main glute workouts long-term.

The right way to Goal Your Glutes

One of the best ways to hit your glutes comes from choosing the proper stance. Too slim and also you’ll be in a weaker place to drive the knees out. You’ll additionally draw on much more quads for train like your squat. A hip-to-shoulder-width stance is usually an excellent beginning place so that you can finest leverage your glutes.

Maintaining your torso aligned correctly is one other main technique to hit the glutes as exhausting as attainable. Though your glutes are primarily used to increase your hips, not stacking your core will for the glutes to stabilize your pelvis. Keep away from this by sustaining a stacked ribcage over your hips and bracing exhausting throughout all glute workouts. This fashion the glutes are most successfully used for hip extension and never as an emergency stabilizing muscle.

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Lastly, manipulating tempo in your energy coaching is a robust technique to hold pressure precisely the place you need it. Compound workouts resembling squats and hinges profit from manipulating your tempo, or the time it takes you to finish every element of your reps. 

Attempt slowing down your eccentric portion or including in exhausting contractions and pauses at full lockout. This helps to maintain the glutes loaded all through every repetition and reduces your probability of dropping place.

What Muscle tissue Make Up the Glutes

Your glutes are one of many largest muscle teams in your whole physique. They’re composed of three muscle groups that overlap each other that can assist you with hip extension and exterior rotation.

Gluteus Maximus: The most important of the three, this sits most superficially in your hips. The gluteus maximus produces large hip extension drive throughout your squat, glute bridge, or hip hinge workouts. 
Gluteus Medius: The second largest of the three gluteal muscle groups sits on the higher and extra lateral a part of your hips. The gluteus medius helps with stability while you’re on one leg and likewise externally rotates and abducts your hips.
Gluteus Minimus: The smallest of the three gluteal muscle groups sits beneath the gluteus medius and performs comparable actions. It helps to stabilize and internally rotate your hip.

Advantages of Coaching Your Glutes

The glutes are important for heavy lifting. Being considered one of your largest and strongest muscle groups, it will be an enormous oversight to not prioritize them in coaching. An enormous, sturdy set of glutes helps you carry out heavy squats, deadlifts, and different main lower-body workouts, together with lunges.

A wholesome dose of glute coaching additionally assists with core and decrease physique joint stability. The core musculature is usually considered simply your abdominals, nevertheless it consists of way more. The core is a gaggle of muscle groups that every one work to stabilize your backbone.

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Your glutes are part of the decrease set of muscle groups appearing to do exactly that. Worry of injuring the lumbar backbone (low again) is widespread amongst athletes. Maintaining your glutes sturdy with a well-grooved approach is a good asset to the remainder of your core.

Aesthetic advantages are a ultimate main standout for some athletes. From bodybuilding opponents to your common gymgoer, a well-proportioned set of glutes can go a great distance towards retaining your total physique in stability. 

Programming Solutions, Units, and Reps

Resistance band exercises can go a great distance towards constructing your decrease half. Contemplating the kind of resistance bands present, you’ll usually wish to use increased quantity to perform your targets.

The better resistance towards lockout and a neater begin early in every repetition imply that you simply won’t be capable of moderately hit a tough set of 5 utilizing bands. The disproportionate problem forces you to scale your units and reps to the weakest hyperlink to get the broadest stimulation throughout every train.

Which means excessive repetitions are doubtless the perfect transfer. Performing two to 4 units of 12 to 15 repetitions lets you scale the resistance so that you’re challenged all through your entire vary of movement. As a substitute of aiming for energy, intention for a burn.

The identical goes for warming up. A large pump is considered one of your greatest advantages right here, so intention for 2 units of 12 to 20 repetitions.

Extra Glute Coaching Suggestions

With resistance band glute workouts added to your arsenal, try a few of these different glute coaching articles for much more features.

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