The Greatest Hypertrophy Exercise for Your Legs

Most individuals have the identical purpose when understanding: construct muscle. However the strategies used to attain that purpose can range extensively. That can assist you get heading in the right direction, it’s a good suggestion to stay with what works, like a hypertrophy leg exercise. Not acquainted with the hypertrophy technique? Right here’s a fast primer.

Hypertrophy 101

Any hypertrophy routine requires three key components with a purpose to ship good points:

Quantity: This refers back to the whole variety of units (and cumulative reps) of labor the muscle is uncovered to in a exercise or throughout a number of exercises.
Depth: The quantity of loading a muscle takes on.
Mechanical Rigidity: This refers back to the muscle spending time underneath rigidity all through its useful vary of movement. Doing that requires trying carefully on the muscle’s motion inside the physique and prioritizing workout routines that problem the muscle by way of as a lot of its vary of movement as potential.

For lifters who’ve a stable health basis, one of the simplest ways to attain hypertrophy advantages is to zero in on completely different physique areas with particular exercises tailor-made to every area, higher often called isolation coaching. Isolation coaching means that you can spend your whole time within the fitness center giving one muscle group the pump of its life. Finished appropriately—and supplemented with a wholesome, protein-rich weight-reduction plan full with a caloric surplus—your physique will reply by making the muscle develop.

Right here, I’ve utilized the hypertrophy exercise technique to your legs. Learn on for the perfect hypertrophy leg exercise, and prepare to grind.

The Greatest Hypertrophy Leg Exercise

A. Entrance Squat x 5 (5 units): The entrance squat has the sting over the again squat when the purpose is quad improvement. For the reason that weight is on the entrance of the physique, the backbone can keep extra upright whereas lifting one thing heavy (which is why we selected this versus the goblet squat variation, which is nice, however sometimes locations a decrease ceiling on how a lot you’ll be able to elevate). A taller backbone permits for larger depth, which implies extra flexion on the knee joint. For the reason that quads are the physique’s knee extensors, entrance squats will actually make them work.
To get probably the most out of this transfer, attempt utilizing Three- to Four-second eccentric (decreasing) phases, and relaxation 2 minutes between rounds. For an added hit to the quads, elevate the heels on plates or wedges.
Be aware: Carry out B1 and B2 as a superset for Three rounds. Relaxation 2 minutes between rounds.
B1. Strolling Lunge x 20 strides: In strolling lunges, the loading is much less essential than the execution. You should use a pair of dumbbells, a barbell loaded on the again, or kettlebells held within the rack place. Nonetheless, the stride is non-negotiable: each have to be lengthy. With every stride, the knee of the trailing leg ought to descend to simply an inch off the bottom, and the knees ought to keep going through straight forward, with out falling in towards the midline. As well as, keep away from pausing between steps to make sure full hip extension.
B2. Eccentric Nordic Curl x 6: Discover a padded floor, like a few mats positioned on the bottom. (This might be in your knees and shins to relaxation on.) Safe the ft underneath an immovable object. It’s greatest if the ft have freedom to maneuver a bit bit whereas the heels are secured. Kneel tall, and set the palms up beside the chest. Bracing together with your hamstrings, decrease your self slowly towards the ground. Don’t hinge a lot on the waist—it is a motion that ought to change the knee joint angle, not the hip joint angle. Goal for a Four- to 5-second eccentric section, and land in a pushup place. Help your self again to the highest (you need to use your arms to assist), and repeat. This may annihilate your hamstrings.
Be aware: Carry out C1 and C2 as a superset for Three rounds. Relaxation 90 seconds between rounds.
C1. Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift x 10: We’ve labored the hamstrings in isolation as a knee flexor with the Nordic curls, however they play one other essential function: Hip extension. Deadlift patterns that contain the hinge on the hip will implement this, and the RDL is nice for accessing this muscle group. Keep in mind: The Romanian deadlift requires straighter knees than a typical deadlift, so preserve a flat again and actually work to really feel an enormous stretch within the hamstrings on every rep.
C2. Seated Leg Extensions x 12
D. Finisher: 2-Minute Leg Press Problem: That is fairly simple: You’re going to leg press for two minutes straight. You’ll be able to relaxation at any time through the 2 minutes, and the clock all the time runs. Use a weight that’s comfortably gentle (a 200-pound, able-bodied man ought to in all probability go for 1.5 to 2 plates per aspect). To emphasise the quads on this problem, place the ft decrease on the platform. It’s OK for the heels to come back off the platform a bit bit on every rep.
The purpose is to carry out as many trustworthy, full vary of movement reps on this time interval, with the least period of time spent paused. Goal to maximise the variety of reps in a row in a given burst. After the primary 45 seconds, you’ll undoubtedly really feel a burn. Solely carry out one set of this transfer, and use it as a technique to spike your metabolic demand—and set the tone for the remainder of the day.

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