TreT-Style: Extreme-training by the method of TreT (Dog parkour)!

Product Name: TreT-Style: Extreme-training by the method of TreT (Dog parkour)!


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My name is Eugene Elchaninov. Next to me you can see my dog TreT who has already become famous in the
Internet for his unbelievable tricks!

Most people used to see only cats on the trees, roofes and fences, but not dogs as a matter of a rule,
any dog will stop immediately when it reaches even a low fence or barrier.

It will keep barking discontentedly at somebody who is standing on the opposite
side of the unapproachable fence. The dog even will not try to overpass this obstacle.
The nature rule the roost like this and most all owners of dogs are 100% sure that their
pet will never be able to solve the following task!

TreT is a brilliant reassurance – as it seems like he is ready to jump on you out of the picture
and appear just next to you. 🙂

He is a very good example, which shows that dogs are very dexterous by nature!

You will definitely take objection and say: “Yes, my Fenya maximum can jump on the sofa,
but for him it is impossible to jump on the tree or a fence! How is it possible for him to be able
to do the same tricks as TreT does?”

Your dog is able to do impossible (for dogs) things!

Your dog is able to overpass different kinds of obstacles!

Your dog is able to jump over high fences!

Your dog is able to climp the stairs!

Your dog is able to climb the tree!

Your dog is able to jump very high and far!

Your dog is able to walk on very narrow surfaces!

Your dog is not afraid of altitude at all!

Your dog is a real acrobat as well as rock climber!

Your dog is able to climb craggy rocks!

Your dog is able to demonstrate unbelievable tricks of parkour!

Your dog is able to choose on his own the optimal (the
fastest and the easiest) way of overcoming different kinds
of obstacles!

Your dog is able to do things which other dogs cannot

Your dog is able not only to repeat your commands – he
heads his own thoughts in the correct direction (most
dogs are not able to do this)!

Your dog is able to jump much higher comparing to other dogs!

Your dog is able to run much faster comparing to other dogs!

Your dog is much tough comparing to other dogs!

Your dog is much stronger physically comparing to other dogs!

Your dog is much braver comparing to other dogs!

Your dog is always in a good fit!

Your dog is always has a very good appetite!

Your dog is always has a very good mood!

Your dog is always has a very good state of health and he gets sick very seldom!

Your dog follows you for a walk always with a pleasure as it is a big holiday!

Your dog treats you as a real friend, but not like a master!

Your dog does not live a boring life. It is rather full value, very interesting and
varicolored life, comparing to other dogs that usually go for a walk with their
owners just to go to the toilet!


You are going to be ourdoors on the fresh air much oftener.
You will be engaged in many different activities with your pet and
as a result – you will feel yourself much better!

You will start going for a walk with your own dog with great pleasure!

You will be very very proud of yourself as well as of your dog!

You dog will start trusting you much more!

Your dog is going to understand you in a half-word!

Your own life and the life of your dog will become much more interesting!

Both you and your dog will get a new and very
interesting hobby!

You will be able to organize real circus performances
for children and friends who will share their own
impressions about your dog with their friends!

You and your dog will be able to become famous
in the Internet as well as on TV!

Your dog will be able to catch even a very quick thief, if you use your
dog for guarding any kind of territory or living objects!

Your dog will be able to save a lot of human lives if he takes
part in different kinds of rescuing activities!

Your dog will be able to find the solution in all
possible situations and his reaction on a sudden
danger will be very fast (a car, etc.)!

You will be able to earn money teaching other
people dog’s parkour!

Your own life and the life of your dog will be colored
in completely different colors!

Your will get additional one more goal in life!


I along with TreT will help you to train your dog all tricks which TreT
can do and everything what you have seen on the video! I will share out with
you my unique technique of the training TreT. With the help of this training
technique you will be able to teach your dog unbelievable things!

Of course, personally I and TreT will not be able to come to you.
That is why I decided to present my vast experience of TreT’s training in the
format of tutorial video course, so that people from all over the world can
practice an interesting science of dog’s parkour with their pets, which was
named by me and by people holding the same views as “TreT-Style” –
in TreT’s honour , can be considered to be the founder of the present discipline 🙂

During the whole year I have been planning, preparing and shooting the necessary
material in order to explain you my own method of TreT’s training in an affordable,
interesting and spectacular way.

The following tutorial video course is a result of our hard work with TreT:

The following tutorial video course will open ALL secrets of the training of TreT and will
prepare your dog to perform difficult tricks of dog’s parkour – as perfectly as TreT does!

If you keep practising systematically on this tutorial video course with your own dog, you will
be able to open the hidden potential (and fantastic), about which neither you no your dog.

Duration: 12 minutes, 32 seconds

From the following course you will get to know:

The general overview of the following course; its difference comparing to
specialized dog’s training tutorials and why it will be useful for you?

The general overview of TreT-Style?

How is it necessary to carry out training lessons so that the dog could
enjoy its trainings and would be waiting for the next training?

What is the most important aspect in TreT-Style-trainings?

What is the key factor in the life of any dog and in TreT-Style-trainings particulary?

What is it necessary to do before starting training lessons of the following course?

What attitude should you have towards your dog so that it would do the training
with a sincere pleasure and joy and would always respond you with reciprocity in
the process of your TreT-Style-trainings?

What is it necessary to do when the dog cannot do something?

КHow is it necessary to plan and carry out absolutely all trainings so
that it would be very interesting for the dog to practice with you?

The role of stimulants in trainings and a smart use of them – what
you are allowed to do and what you should not do!

What time should you wait for the trainings after taking food?

What food do I give to TreT in order to keep him in a good shape?

What kind of food was in the plate of TreT before he was one year old?

Is it necessary to feed the dog just after the training?

A very valuable advice which will help to maintain the spine of your dog!

What kind of additional things will you need to have for sterling trainings?

The principles of safety while TreT-Style-Trainings!


Duration: 10 minutes, 58 seconds

From the following lesson you will get to know:

What commands must your dog know in order to have a have a sufficient TreT-Style-Training?

Valuableadvices on how bringing up a puppy correctly and how to teach him basic commands (but the required ones)!

How can you teach your puppy to react on his own name?

How can you teach your puppy the command “to me”?

How should you behave yourself if the puppy have made a mistake and made something wrong?

There are two restricted commands – what are the similarities and the differences between them?

What should you do when you start getting angry very much when your dog does not want to fulfill your commands?

What will you need for teaching your dog commands?

At what age can you start teaching your puppy one very important basic command
(which will be very useful for course lessons as well as in your everyday life) and
how should you do it correctly so that the dog understands everything what you want from him?!

How much time per a day (as well as per a week) is it necessary to spend while teaching your dog commands?

What should you do after your dog has learnt how to fulfill the command?

The role of glance in the process of teaching commands to your dog!

What are the best places to trainings with the dog?

What should be added to the command itself in order the pet could pay his attention on it?

Whatimportant command is it necessary to learn on the next level and how can
you do correctly (several ways on how I was teaching the command to TreT)?!


Duration: 16 minutes, 58 seconds

From the following lesson you will get to know:

What age should you start doing physical exercises from
(and what should you do before that age)?

There are several variants of the most optimal preparatory exercises
for a young and weak dog, their correct use up (how, when, how much).
Each exercise will come in hand for your dog while he does TreT-Style training!

What should you necessary do for your dog before the training?

The influence of the weight of the dog on the process of training!

How long (and how many times per a week) is it necessary to have
trainings with your dog (do not count walking) in order to achieve
sufficient results in TreT-Style? This particular moment is very important!

What should you start your training with (how exactly and how much)?

There is a very useful exercise for developing spring ability of your dog,
plus one additional small but very important secret regarding this issue!

How should you make up the most optimal plan of training lessons for your dog?

There are several wonderful exercises for the strengthening the spine and joints,
as well as for the development of the front and back paws, the back and chest muscles
of your dog; their correct fulfillment (exactly how and how long)!

How can you fixate the result of the trainings correctly from the previous step?
And the most important – what should you use in order to prevent all possible
traumas of your dog.

How long should preparatory trainings last before starting more or less serious
tricks of TreT-Style?


Duration: 15 minutes, 20 seconds

From the following lesson you will get to know:

What is “walking training” and when should you start practicing them?

How should you rank walking-trainings between specialized trainings?

How should you select the rote for walking-trainings and what are they supposed to look like?

How long should a normal walking-trainings last?

What should you necessarily have with you during walking-trainings?

How should you carry our walking-trainings?

What is the most important command of TreT-Style which we use all the
time for crossing the barriers? What does it mean for your dog and how
can you teach this command to your pet?

What command for crossing the barriers do I usually use for TreT?

How is it necessary for your dog to work out the exercises of
crossing the barriers – the technique and the duration?

There is one very useful artifice which can help your dog
finally outdo the unapproachable barrier!

What necessarily should you do after a while of walking trainings in
order to develop a correct intelligence of your dog for overpassing
different kinds of barriers and to graft your dog a sport interest
to Tret-Style?!

How can you “help” your dog climb a high barrier?

What should you necessarily do in order not to make any kind of
injuries of your dog’s paws when he jumps down from a high barrier?
This moment a very important!

How should you finish each walking-training?

What is the best weather for TreT-Style trainings and what
should you do when the weather is bad?

There is one very useful and interesting game which can develop mental
abilities and the reaction of your pet (how should you carry out it)?

How is it necessary to use the language of gestures for a better
understanding of TreT-Style commands for your dog?


Balance and equilibration:

Duration: 11 minutes, 07 seconds

From the following lesson you will get to know:

There is a very easy and very effective way of developing the coordination
and balance of your dog which you can use at home!

There are several valuable advices – how should you develop balance and the
sense of equilibration in difficult conditions in the street?

There is a wonderful exercise for developing dog’s coordination in the area
which will be very useful for the dog in the future while doing some tricks.
It will teach your dog how to landfall on paws correctly. You will get to know
how to do the following exercises correctly and what time is it necessary to
spare for them (in the very beginning and at the end)?

There is another very interesting and quite useful exercise for developing visual
memory of your dog, as well as for correcting his motion and balance (plus one very
important nuance and the correct fulfillment).

What kind of surfaces should you search for in your area in order to develop
a good coordination of your dog with their help? There are concrete examples!


Duration: 09 minutes, 00 seconds

From the following lesson you will get to know:

Starting from what age should you teach your puppy not to be
afraid of the height (and how should you teach it)?

What should your dog gain after getting rid of the fear of the height?

Where should you be during the height exercises with your dog?

There are valuable advices – how correctly should you teach
your dog not to be afraid of the height?

How is it necessary to teach your dog to climb attitudes on his own?
As well as how shold you teach your dog another very important command
for bringing under tricks?!

What should you do just after the first success of your dog in overcoming the height?


Duration: 12 minutes, 46 seconds

From the following lesson you will get to know:

There are valuable advices regarding following safety measures which
will help you to avoid any kind of injuries of your dog while making tricks!

What is your role in observation of safety measures for your dog – what exactly
should you do in order to make sure that your pet is not going to have any
trauma during the trainings?! There are very important moments!

What objects on the play-field can couse following harm to your dog?

What is it necessary to follow on the surface of different
material types during the trainings?

What should you pay special attention on, while practicing tricks, such as jumping?

What kinds of surfaces are good for practicing such kind of elements as jumping?

What kind of barrier is it possible to jump over and what kinds
of them you should definitely avoid?

How can you follow correctly all safety measures during trainings on the height, so that
in case of falling down from the height, you would be able to secure your dog on time?

What should you necessarily count while mastering new height of your dog in order
not to overdrive your dog to the blind-alley and to avoid a possible and quite dangerous
falling down from the following height?

What should you do when your dog is mastering a new height?

When are you allowed to offer your dog to start mastering serious heights?

What should you do if your dog has got an injury or just is
feeling tires during the training?

There is a very important rule which absolutely all fans and followers of Tret
who would like to develop the same abilities should keep it in their mind!

What should you always control by your dog during TreT-Style trainings?

What (and how exactly) necessarily should you do after each
training when you come back home.

What should you always have with you during trainings at a hot day?

Where is it better to carry out the trainings during summer heat?

How should you carry out trainings in a rainy weather?

How should you carry out trainings in winter times?
It is especially typical for dogs with short fur!


Duration: 12 minutes, 28 seconds

From the following lesson you will get to know:

When is it time for your dog to start mastering tricks and how can you
distinguish that moment so that you dog does not come to any harm?

What implies under the term “trick” in the Tret-Style?

What should your dog have developed in order to achieve success in mastering tricks?

What is “moral preparation” of your dog for tricks?

What are “simple” and what are “advanced” tricks?

How can you teach your dog to climb trees by himself?

How is it possible to master the basic (but quite difficult) trick “tree-fence”?
Analysis of the following trick in all details and components!

What kind of place do you need for a normal accomplishment of the trick “tree-fence”?

How can you explain your dog the sequence of actions which are
necessary for a correct performance of the following trick?

How can you insure correctly your dog while mastering and performing the following trick?

How can you select the barriers during trainings so that it will
be much easier for your dog to master tricks directly?

What kind of construction will help you in preparing your dog for tricks
during everyday trainings? You should try to do your best to find this
important element in your area!

What part of your body can be a auxiliary element during
training “two-step” tricks?

What is your role in mastering tricks?

What is it not allowed to use during TreT-Style training by all means?

Who is “TreT-Styler”?

Summing up and generalization of the most important moments of the course!


The information in the course if presented in a very conservative form!

There is no “water” in the course! Despite the small size of the video
(~1,5 hour), there is a great amount of useful material in it!

You will not have to spend a lot of time for mastering the video-course – you will
be able to learn all the material and to start doing practical classes just afterward,
which is very important!

Besides it is very interesting to watch the course because it has a plenty
of wonderful tricks in TreT performance! You will not get bored!

Aside from the basic material, you will get a great amount of
valuable gifts which will help you during your video-course trainings!

Gift № 1:

Working program of trainings for the following course in electronic version – step by step
it describes the process of trainings according to the following course with clear directions
of the whole order of actions for each lesson!

This is a detailed plan of your trainings!

There will be no need for you to think over the way of how to start mastering TreT-Style –
you will get direct instructions for every stage of trainings of the following course!

Format: PDF + possible print out!

Content: 8 stages of lessons of the following course with detailed description!

Gift № 2:

My personal consultations regarding any kind of questions connected with TreT-Style or
with the material of the following video-course – during the whole period of your trainings.

If any kind of questions arise or you face any kind of difficulties with mastering or
practicing of the material of the following video-course, I will definitely help you!

You will not be left without my support! 🙂

Access to all video course materials You will receive immediately after payment. You will be able to start studying the lessons very quickly (which is very good and convenient).

For this reasonable price you will get my and TreT 4 years experience of many hours of every day trainings, planning and photo and video shooting in a converted but quite convenient for comprehension form, that will not take away a lot of your time on learning and at the same time it will let you to master the whole material and start practical trainings very soon!

You will be able to start practicing at the same day when you get the following course!

You will ask: “Why do such materials cost so cheap?”

In fact the services of an ordinary dog’s training cost several
times more expensive! In most cases it is the price for ONE-TWO
lessons of a general dog’s training course in a good club!

As you can see, even the simplest training of your dog is not a cheap thing…
There is no need to speak about special training?!

Besides you will not be able to find anywhere else similar services of
education of what TreT can do – this is a unique method of training!

Why do I sell my and TreT’s work of many years so cheap?

Everything is very simple – I want as many people as possible to get
their dogs involved into a wonderful world of TreT-Style! I would like TreT to
have worthy followers and I will be very happy if exactly YOUR DOG…

I think that you do not have doubts in my competency regarding the
questions of dog’s trainings of all tricks of dog’s parkour 🙂

Our clips with TreT can confirm it much better than any kind of words!
I have taught TreT to do unbelievable (for dogs) things and fron my side.
I can promise you that I will help you to teach your dog everything what TreT
can do himelf! You should not have doubts!

TreY is a rather famous character and already quite popular.

He is on the new on a regular basis (around the world).

He took part in several TV projects as well!

By the way, here is the reportage of the news of one TV:

And here is the reportage of the news TV-channels in the USA:

Besides newspapers and magazines wrote about Treat for several times:

As you can see, our work with TreT is serious and quite hard and there are no earthly
reasons (and also no time) to spend our time cheating or any kind of frauds!

Personally I can promise you,, that your money will not be “wasted”
and you will assured get all the material of my educational course!

If you decide within 60 days, that my and TreT’s work does not cost
the price which you have already paid for it, I will return you all money which
you have spent on the following purchase of learning materials! You will return
your money without any additional questions!

Reliability of this guarantee proves to be true service CLICKBANK.COM
through which there is a payment of this course.

I understand all your fears and hurry up to calm you down: my method
matches particulary to any kind of the dog! There is only one limitation
which is the age of your dog – the younger the dog the better it is
(it will be difficult for older dogs to do all tasks of the video-course).

My mohod has been used for the training of different kinds of dogs:

Sheep dog!





“Pit bull terrier”!

Dachshunds!!! (and this is not a joke – this is true,
dachshunds with short legs)!


And many other kinds of achieved success
in training of the following course!

* Play the video below:

*if you can’t open this video,
you should install Flash player

It goes without saying that for lighter and more active
dogs it will be easier (partly) to do some elements of
the training comparing to the representatives of heavy
and phlegmatic kinds of dogs, but inspite this fact absolutely
any kind of dogs (with a proper approach) is able to achieve
splendid results!

Right now I will answer one more question (FAQ) which you may have as well,
that is: “Is it allowed to keep on practicing in winter or it is necessary
to do the practice only during warm season of the year?”

You can practice at ANY weather, the only important thing is to
follow distinctly all instructions of the course (all necessary
recommendations are provided in it)!

Your dog will learn how to do unbelievable tricks which are inapproachable
for most of dogs on this planet. Your dog will be able to do things which
cannot be repeated even by dogs which done special famous and modern types
and methods of dog’s training!

Your dog will jump much higher and much further comparing
to oher dogs; your dog will become physically stronger,
firmer, faster, speedy, hardy and braver!

Your dog will be able to overpass different kinds of barriers,
jump over high fences, climb the trees, bluff rocks and other
surfaces (as a real rock climber), climb the staircases,
walk on very narrow surfaces etc!

Your dog will forget his innate fear of the height for good and all,
which most dogs have withour reference to the kind of the dog!

Your dog will learn how to think all over by himself in a correct
direction and he he will be able to choose the most optimal way of
overpassing the barrier in the present condition!

Henceforth your dog is not going to walk sleepily walk on a glade
or a square but will do a physical training on a regular basis.
This will have a positive influence on his appetite, moods and
of course on the health condition! As a result your dog
will be ill very seldom!

You will present your dog a sterling and happy life, full not
only with simple dog’s joy, but deep with a great amount of new
events and very interesting impressions which most of dogs can
only dream about (unfortunately)!

You will learn and practice the exercises which will be very
useful for your dog in his everyday life. They will form skills
to react on sudden situation in a quick (and correct way) – as
well as on a dangerous situation (for example, to jump from a car etc).

You will feel yourself much better because you will start
spending a lot of time outdoors on the fresh air and having
physical training with your dog. The TreT-Style means not
only a work from the side of your dog but some amount of
particular physical activities from your side as well!

Without facing problems your dog will render innocuous even
the speediest criminal (who is not aware of dog’s abilities),
if you use your dog for the security of the territory,
objects or placements!

You will be able to train your dog in a desirable direction –
especially if your dog does any specific work: rescue dog,
bodyguard, hunter etc!

During the training of the following course, the nervous system
of your dog will be much improved and developed. The dog will
become more balanced which will be very useful for different
kinds trainings! Besides, your dog will have a normal reaction
on work in extreme conditions (which is very important in
rescuing kinds of work)!

You will be able to use your dog for guarding practically any
kind of object, because there will be no irresistible barriers
for your dog if you have a correct approach in your training!

Nothing will stop your dog! He will find a correct way to overpass
particularly any kind of barriers on his way!

Your dog (especially it regards young dogs) will have a normal
development, because the trainings of the course will bring to him
a whole ocean of new emotions and necessarily impressions!

You will display all true and unfeigned abilities of your dog!

If you have children, they will stop escaping walking with your
dog (as it usually happens in most cases) – they will ask on their
own to have a walk with the dog!

Your children will have another interesting but worthy hobby in
their life (instead of alcohol and cigarettes)!

If your children are quite young, you will be able to organize real
circus performances which will bring sincere delight, happiness,
tender emotions, applause and laught!

You will teach your dog unbelievable tricks of parkour!

You will be able to practice with your dog any convenient time and
any appropriate place – you do not need complicated items or
special facilities!

You will make your dog literally an ideal dog!

If you do active sports, your dog will become your reliable
friend and helper in all your favourite activities and hobbies.
The mutual rest will bring you enjoyment to all members
of your family!

All members of your family will receive a great amount of positive
emotions when they see WHAT (as it turned out) their
“ordinary” dog is able to do!

Your dog will start trusting you completely!

Your mutual understanding will become much better!

You and your dog will become real (truthful and faithful) friends
who respect and understand each other in half-word!

Your dog will get used to city conditions (its socialization) and will
become much more self-confident in the conditions of the street!

In spite of usual types of trainings (when a particular skill
is needed more for the owner than for the dog) TreT-Style-Training
will let you to develop necessary skills and intellect of your dog,
which are necessary first of all for the dog (not for the owner)!

Your dog will be able to take actions in any circumjacent situation!

A rescue dog, which has been trained by TreT-Style method,
will be able to get to places where an ordinary dog would never
manage to get in! Finally your dog will be able to rescue somebodies
life or even several lives! You and your dog will become real heroes!

Your dog will become a real pride for you and for other people as well!

Your dog will become much braver and will get rid of many inherent
fears, which are common for “ordinary” dogs. As a result your dog will
be able to develop all his natural talents at most!

You will be able to take part in the competitions of TreT-Style!
Such kind of activities among the dogs who have achieved particular
positive results in this interesting kind of sport are already
planned for the nearest!

You and your dog will become famous in the Internet very easily.
You will become real heroes of YouTube and popular social nets.
You may even be shooted in a movie – as it happened to me and TreT!

Your own life and the life of your pet will become much more
interesting, more colorful and full of interesting events!

You will be able to develop a unique and profitable business-direction
in your city and earn good money on teaching others dog’s parkour
(using the training TreT method)!

If you are a professional dog trainer, you will be able to diversify
your standard programs of dogs’ trainings with TreT-Style and earn
much money for your services. Also you will be be distinguished against
the background of other competitors who provide same kind of services!
Starting from you will not go to your clients – they will come to you!

The following course is a perfect supplement to any kind of dog’s
trainings (it does not compete with them, it elaborate them)!


You will bring colors not only to the life of your pet but
at the same time your own life will be much improved as well!
Starting from now walks with your dog will not be a boring and
routine activity. They will become interesting adventure which
will bring happiness and joy not only to you and your dog but
for the rest of people too!

* All you need to do is to learn the material of the following course
very attentively and to master all lessons during your practice (with the dog)!

“All people around wonder how my dog can do such tricks?”

I together with my dog like TreT-Style very much.

I got to know about TreT long time ago,
but I could not even imagine that I would have got a chance
to teach my dog something similar. My dog is not pure-bred,
she is metis. Now she is 3 years old (on the 26th of July
she will be 4). But even despite the fact that she has very
short legs and the lack of pure-bred, Tase puts in her best
licks and achieves very good results in Tret-Style trainings!

When we started communicating, you gave me a lot of useful advices,
which helped me a lot to draw Tase in TreT-Style. We have been practicing
the following sport for about 6 months. In the beginning we were mastering
children’s play grounds, ladders and walking on fences. Most of all Tase
is fond of climbing trees (cats should be careful now)! 🙂

But we could not master several barriers. But having watched very
attentively your (and TreT’s) video course, Tase and me started to
follow step by step your method. Finally Tase started to do everything
much faster and with much enjoyment. She has also mastered some new
(and very interesting) commands of parkour.

Tase and me have achieved a lot of success only thanks to you and TreT!
All people around us keep on wondering how a dog with such short legs can do such
tricks which are difficult for most of dogs (even for dogs with long legs)! 🙂

If I could have begun to practise with Tase starting from 1 year old age,
we would achieve much greater success. But it is not so important – we are
very happy that we have started doing this port! We are going to keep on
practicing and shooting new videos! 🙂

Eugene and TreT, Tase and me are very thankful to you for creating
such an absorbing (for dogs as well as for owners) kind of sport!!! 🙂

I am sending you some images of my Tase::

And of course the video of Tase:

Valentina Golubcova
Mezdurecensk, Russia

“Me and my Gerda are so delighted! :)”

I must confess – I am a big and old fan of TreT and his sport art.
When I have seen the videos with TreT, I have got such a strong desire to
teach my Greda everything what TreT can do!

Several months of trainings and regular correspondence with you brought
positive results – Gerda have started achieving good results in dog’s parkour!
But she must keep on practicing a lot in order to achieve TreT’s results.

Some elements of TreT-Style (for example climbing the tree) we could not do.

Or for example cascade overpassing barriers.

But after mastering your course during several weeks, the situation changed to
positive direction! Now Greda can climb any tree without facing any kind of problems
and can easily overpass several barriers!

Greda and me are so delighted about what we cam do! 🙂

But the most important is that I can see that my dog likes to
practice TreT-Style. I can see her unhidden joy during the training.
She pulls me to the training and is very happy about her own results.

I am happy that I managed to fill the life of my dog with some sense.

This is the most important!

It goes without saying that if we could have started practicing your
course earler, the situation would be different now. But we are not depressed
about it – as people say “It is better late than never”! 🙂

Thanks you so much for your course, it helped me and Gerda a lot!

Here are some images of Gerda (during her training):

And here is the video that demonstrate her results:

Sincerely yours, Oleg Grusko
Dneprodzerzinsk, Ukraine

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ALL secrets of the training of TreT and prepare correctly
the dog for making very difficult tricks of dog’s parkour –
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P.P.P.S. As sooner you start practicing
the following course as sooner you will change the life of
your dog to a better side. Also your material condition will
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feel free to get in contact with technical support service of the web-site!

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“I wish you and your dog strong health
and much success in mastering TreT-Style!”

Sincerely yours, Eugene & TreT



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